Leah Capelle – “Better Off” Feat. Hayley Brownell

 Leah Capelle – “Better Off” Feat. Hayley Brownell

Leah Capelle – “Better Off” Feat. Hayley Brownell – Single Review

Proving that heartbreaking can be just as beautiful when it comes to music, Leah Capelle’s new single “Better Off” is a stunning dose of reality, melody and melancholy with compellingly bold emotion that soars with a gorgeous mix of fragile, confident & empowering vocals with lyrics to match.  I am a HUGE fan of this tune…I think the performance is exceptional and the overall execution on this cut is captivating & completely mesmerizing.  Whether you’re watching the video for “Better Off” or listening to it straight-up, Leah Capelle and Hayley Brownell put in such an incredibly memorable moment in time on this new single that no matter how you take it in, you’ll be satisfied & then some.

That being said, sometimes a video can really speak volumes for a song…and this one does.  Right from the moment it begins, you can see the bond that exists between Hayley and Leah immediately onscreen and tell that it’s genuine.  You can visibly see each other want this moment to be as magical and successful as it becomes, and I think that largely the reason it does is because of that unity and harmony between them.  If you check into the posting of this video, you’ll see in the write-up & description of “Better Off” that it tells the tale of shared experiences with toxic friendships and the tough side of relationships…they went through many of these feelings & emotions together and it’s that situational bond & strength between them that you can both see in the video & hear in the song as a result.

In terms of the sound itself, “Better Off” absolutely sparkles & shines with authenticity and heart.  Like a sweet mix of early Coldplay and the melody, confidence and tone of an artist like Sarah Harmer – they keep the music simple and relegated to crystal-clear chords ringing out beautifully & brightly as the backbone of the song.  Everything sounds stunning…like…seriously nailed here…”Better Off” gets stronger & stronger as it plays until these two find themselves perfectly lost within the moment.  The contrast between the strength of their performance with the intense emotion in the words and fragility in the lyricism isn’t just good – it’s great.  Between the two of them, each moment of “Better Off” becomes more powerful than the last as they harmonize between them and get the maximum out of each and every second of this tune.  It’s a time-stopping melody without a doubt…I’m beyond impressed with the amount of passion and professionalism you’ll find in this song – check it out for yourself below!

Right?  Leah’s got an incredible singing voice and absolutely nails the amount of unique expression required to make that impact & be an identifiable character on your playlist and recognizable star of the future.  Hayley…who from what I’ve read is more typically known as Leah’s drummer, steps out of the shadows at the back of the stage and into the spotlight with a charming, sincere and supportive role on guitar that will basically make you want to stand up and cheer.  These two…who have obviously been through a lot together…turn their tragedies into true art on “Better Off” and a real highlight for the entire year.  Definitely a combination of grace & beauty in sound that completely hits the mark…and in my opinion, these two should be incredibly proud of how far they’ve come to achieve something so strong as a result.  Essentially…I think you’d have to be made out of pure stone to resist the sincerity of these two; they’ve found the strength in each other to overcome any obstacle in their way.

Massively enthusiastic thumbs-up to Leah & Hayley – I think “Better Off” is a completely stunning song and truly timeless tune.  It appeals to the heart and grabs your attention through its honest, real & raw emotions & never lets us go.  Both Leah and Hayley put in performances that should seriously be applauded and recognized…it’s rare to find songs this sincere.  I’m truly amazed by these two and absolutely fascinated by “Better Off” – there’s a real magic that exists between Leah and Hayley in the sound of this atmosphere they share that just can’t be faked.  They’re the real deal – I loved this song.

Find out more about Leah Capelle at her official page at:  https://www.leahcapelle.com/

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