Kory Kane – “Stay Focused”

 Kory Kane – “Stay Focused”

Kory Kane – “Stay Focused” – Music Video Release/Review

Here’s a vibe we should all be able to get behind…memorable hooks to go with it too!

Kory Kane is here to deliver some of that good-good positivity through Hip-Hop – and you know I’ve always got time for that.  With a brand-new single called “Stay Focused” and an excellent video to support it, this emcee’s clearly got something to say that y’all should hear.  In what’s essentially a track built to motivate and inspire YOU all out there, Kane delivers a boldly chill and rhythmic reminder as to what’s important in life and the impact of the decisions we make…pay attention to what he says homies, listen up!

Clearly the man has a few things to get off his chest right?  Smart set-up for the video and a great way to get the messages across from his latest single “Stay Focused,” Kory hits up a visit to the ol’ head-shrink for some verbal therapy as he hits the bars of his brand-new cut.  Allowing us to sit in on the session and see what comes up as the thoughts spill from his dome and onto the track, you get to see a solid back & forth between the therapist and Kane in a private office as they play with the call & answer-like dynamics of the song onscreen.  You also get to see the flipside…what may be a glimpse of a life where Kory Kane didn’t “Stay Focused” at one point along the way…or perhaps a snapshot view of what the future has in store for him if he doesn’t keep a level head, you feel me?  You’ll see Kory in a straightjacket in a dimly lit room, gettin’ all crazy in contrast to the clarity of the man you see sittin’ on the couch narrating the details of his situation with such sharp composure and precision flow.  There’s certainly a good chance that he’s drawing on personal experience here…Kane’s got a past filled with his own struggles & obstacles he’s had to overcome along the way – and I’ll get into that a bit more for ya on the upcoming episode of SBS Live This Week when we play the video for “Stay Focused” and drop some more knowledge on ya about what this artist is all about – so be ready for that…it’s coming soon.

For now, feel free to get a head start and check the video out right now up top – we’ll make sure you get to it in one way or another – and you SHOULD, because Kory Kane has really got something great happenin’ here on “Stay Focused.”  Whether it’s the main hooks stickin’ with ya, or the amazing vibe that he’s got goin’ on in the piano-led music, or the video that puts this concept together so tightly onscreen – Kory’s giving you plenty of reasons to dig this single from every angle you look or listen from.  The core messages get across perfectly both in audio & video (shout-out to 103 Films for killer direction that hits the mark on-point) – and ultimately, I think they’re all sentiments that people will connect to and appreciate, especially if they’ve been through their own struggles or wild times in the past.

Because here are the real facts you need to know…

If Kory Kane hadn’t found his way – he wouldn’t have understood the mechanics of the lyrics he’s written here, know what I mean?  It’s completely because he learned or taught himself how to “Stay Focused” that he’s now excelling on the mic and making the music he was likely always meant to be making all along.  As we all know, life can get in the way of our destiny and distract us from reaching our goals…if you’re gonna get results like Kory’s getting here on his new single, ya GOTTA “Stay Focused” – and the sheer fact that he’s got this video & song bangin’ so flawlessly, is a clear indication that he really HAS made the changes he needed to make as a person to move forwards as an artist.  How awesome is that?  So…I mean…if you’re feelin’ me here…essentially this track works on two major levels; one being that it exists to inspire YOU through the tale that Kory weaves through the lyrics of this tune – and the second is that because the story comes from a real place, you see the fruits of that labor come alive – because Kory was able to “Stay Focused,” he’s truly become the artist he was meant to be.  The results of hard work, dedication, and recognized ambition…that unwillingness to just settle for what things were like and push as much as possible to break that spell and emerge from the cycle…it takes real strength to overcome the obstacles we face in life – but it takes even more to be willing to pass the experience on to the rest of us so openly & honestly – that’s where Kory Kane is completely crushin’ it.

Find out more about Kory Kane on the next episode of SBS Live This Week coming out this week here at the homepage – until then, find out more details and info on him from his page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KoryKane

Find the new single “Stay Focused” by Kory Kane at Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/album/5RUi4qZ5YoBYjizhIZzA7i

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