kidhook – “Not Anymore”

 kidhook – “Not Anymore”

Turnin’ bad situations into good” – amen to that homie.

kidhook is here to supply a soul-soothing single filled with a solid combination of wisdom flowing throughout the lyricism, faith-based & empowering messages, and a slick sound that slides smoothly straight outta your speakers.  The man’s looking to spread love, inspiration, and hope to the masses through his own personal experiences & music on “Not Anymore” – and believe me when I say, when everything sounds this good, the people out there are bound to listen.  That equates to a solid win for everyone involved…kidhook gains another faithful fan in the process, and you get to check out a single that’s completely got it goin’ on.  Wonderful textures roam from the lefts to the rights on this cut, there’s a fantastic sound & spirit to the entire vibe of “Not Anymore” that can’t be missed – it’s observant, objective, thought-provoking, soul-searching, brilliantly authentic, and genuinely sincere; kidhook’s got a single with strong messages and sentiment all designed to connect to the many hearts & open minds listening out there.  Things are sounding spectacular on “Not Anymore” from the chilled-out vibes in the music to the inspired spark coming from the vocals on the microphone, this cut has a remarkable level of accessibility, appeal, and sweet crossover sound – have a listen to the latest from kidhook below!

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