KD – “Solo”

 KD – “Solo”

Holdin’ on to your dreams…harder than it seems…”  #truth

Notice how KD doesn’t say impossible.  It might be hard to hold on to those dreams we’ve got sometimes, but as long as you don’t lose sight of’em and stay focused on what’s real & what’s important like this man right here, you’ll find your way to the place you’re meant to be, and thrive within it.  I think there are gonna be a lot of people out there that connect to KD’s single “Solo” and what he’s rappin’ about…for many of you, myself included, you’ll find this dude’s grounded & down to earth lyricism not only hits the mark, but it’s insightful & highly relatable.  If you’ve ever been held back, for whatever reasons, be it circumstances, or somebody standin’ in your way – take a page out of KD’s playbook here, be fearless, be real – and go “Solo” if that’s what it takes to get to where you wanna go.  Like I said, I can absolutely relate – these pages of ours that we all share here…well…most of you regular readers know this already, but this is all the result of me refusing to lose, refusing to give up, and staying dedicated to the art & the artists that make this whole independent scene as genuinely incredible as it truly is.  While sleepingbagstudios was always created as a big enough plate to feed the fam – the truth is, I ended up having to go “Solo” to make it work; I envisioned an entire crew ridin’ with me, & I’ve been on my own.  Everything about this journey has been “harder than it seems” – but like KD will be able to tell you soon enough, and I can myself after nearly nine years of living my dreams – everything is still well within your reach, no matter how big those dreams may be, if you’re willing to keep your head up, and do the work.

The real key is, you “better know your worth” – and believe that you’re worth it.  If you can stay focused on that, you’re well on your way to where opportunity meets preparation.  KD’s got his head on straight and he’s clearly a damn good man from what you can tell in the storyline at the core of the song & video he’s created for “Solo.”  The man behind the mic lets you in on his tale and much of what he’s been through on his journey to become the artist he is today…KD’s been through the ups & downs, he knows the money comes & goes – he’s battle-tested & ready to weather any storm with his resilient character.  Dude’s got insightful perspective and the courage to share it as open, raw, and vulnerable as it gets – and as listeners, you can’t help but appreciate just how much of his authentic personality he puts into his work – a song like “Solo” speaks volumes on behalf of how much he’s able to accomplish on his own, and also points to the potential that exists in the much bigger picture he has in his plans for success.  He knows he’s got the skills to pay the bills – and deep down, I suspect he knows he’s got more than enough talent to rock the mic right…I mean…he’d have to right?  You can’t have a connection to music like KD has & not feel it deep down inside…he knows he was born to entertain – and now it’s his time.

Keenen Davis should give himself a lot of credit – not only are his bars as strong as steel, he’s put real substance, meaning, and thought into his music in ways that no set of ears listening or eyes watching his video could possibly miss.  Tight rhymes, solid production, and true grit – KD flexes finesse & wisdom as one, and as a result of investing so much of himself into his craft & his future ahead, this “Solo” track is full proof that he’s got the determination, heart, and talent it takes to pull people right into his story and literally have them cheering on his success along the way.  Verifiable hooks, stellar beat – I mean, the man’s got everything in-line right where it all should be and has zero issues keeping us all entertained from sight to sound…and armed with the unbreakable spirit he’s got, KD becomes a genuine inspiration through his words on “Solo” – that’s facts y’all.

And while much of the road ahead likely will still be driven on his own, “Solo” – you’ll also notice in the video that when it comes to his home-life away from the m-i-c, he’s never alone.  He’s got the love and support of a beautiful family…and I’d imagine that to KD, that’s already the real definition of success – everything else is purely a bonus from here on in.  He’s focused, he’s remarkably grounded, and he’s got the mindset it takes to achieve anything he sets his mind to…that’s one heck of a role model for his kids to have if you ask me.  As for the rest of you out there – pay attention – you might just learn something as well, you dig?  KD is clearly ready to make serious moves with his music this year, and with the high degree of thought he’s put into a single like “Solo” from start to finish, you know he’s about to level-up.

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Social Media Multilink:  https://qrco.de/bc4i9m

Music Multilink:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kd1234567891011/from-the-heart

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ReadyKD

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/1WWiYCtiEDBn0HrFfWHu1m

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2Q7h8ukMA7I2Fs6ATu8ZA

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