Katy Vernon – “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)”

 Katy Vernon – “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)”

Katy Vernon – “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” – Single Review

I loved reading this description of Katy from her social-media pages…very first line that caught my eye read:  “Ukulele Songbird – Singer of sad songs on a happy instrument.”  I’m all about it – embrace those sad-happy tunes Katy, people like me look forward to music with that precise combination every day.

For real…I’m not even close to kidding and don’t let the bearded-face I’ve got fool ya – I cried proudly through every performance that Grace VanderWaal played on AGT on her way to victory in 2016.  I’ve got a ton of love for ukulele-based tunes & a beautiful voice to go along with it all – and Katy Vernon is more than capable of supplying – so I figure between her vibrant spirit & stunning new single, these speakers all around me and the ears I’ve got, we’re like, practically a match made in heaven aren’t we?

You definitely won’t find me complaining about this lead-single from Katy’s brand-new record called Suit Of Hearts, which was released officially just a couple days back on the seventeenth of May.  “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” immediately makes an impact through the intimate & isolated opening this song has, and then goes on to reveal a wealth of audible assets from there on as Katy expands & explores the depths this tune has to offer.  As she promised & implied through her own write-up on social-media, “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” lives up perfectly to the ‘sad songs on a happy instrument’ standard she’s set for herself – this single has a relentlessly sunny disposition and confident cadence found in every word sung by Katy, yet the more you dig into the words, you’ll find that contrast is fully realized & right there in front of you the whole time.  Put it to you this way…it’s always going to be super-easy for Katy to tell if people out there are REALLY listening; the uplifting & energized sound of the song & melody are bound to be the main takeaway for man sets of ears out there – which ultimately, is still awesome – but for those that go beyond the bouncy fun you’ll find in the music itself, you’ll find a whole lot more as well.  Katy sings with a beautifully tangible emotion, grace, and exceptional tone…she adds in just enough of a twist to make the meanings & intentions of her words become real for us without even coming close to threatening the overall vibe of the song or damaging that suspension of disbelief, perfectly matching the sweetness & energy of her voice to suit each moment that presents itself from verse to chorus & everything in between throughout “In Your Shoes (For Daisy).”  Lyrically, she’s done a wonderful job in creating that contrast in her signature style of sad-meets-happy here, ultimately revealing a song built upon beautiful sentiment and intentions, full of understanding, empathy, love, and support for a friend.  Will people be able to connect to that theme?  Of course they will!  You likely do yourself…many of us have had that friend that’s down on their luck and the best thing we can do is be there for them, however we can, however that may be done…and we hope the people we love can successfully battle the blues or conquer anything at all with our support at their side.  In the best-case scenarios, that happens…and sometimes songs like this not only reach the specific set of ears they’re intended for, but we also realize that the feelings, thoughts, and experiences we have both together and as individuals, are still incredibly universal and shared by many of us similarly, in our own different ways.  It’s what makes a song like this that may be written ‘For Daisy’ originally, apply to a great many of us – we can relate, empathize, and sympathize with what Katy has so sincerely sung out loud on her new single.

Certainly helps that along with her fantastically expressive vocals and sparkling tone, Katy’s got a whole crew of ace-talent surrounding her to lend a hand in bringing these songs of hers to life.  There’s a good chance each of these fine people are in the mix here:  Clay Williams – Guitar, Simon Husbands – Keys, Vocals, Chris McAtee – Drums, Reed Pagel – Bass, Paul Odegaard – Trumpet, Terry Isachsen – Guitar – OR at the very least, you’ll find them in regular collaboration with Vernon.  I’m 99% sure they’re all in here somewhere…I KNOW for a fact that Paul sure is – his trumpet work is an essential ingredient to this tune and is spot-on perfection, adding in tremendously colorful, vibrant sound into “In Your Shoes (For Daisy).”  You get the point though – all hands on deck deserve a shout-out of recognition here for their efforts…”In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” has an enchanting & charming sound to its Folk/Indie vibes that’s been brought to the surface to shine through a collaborative effort of a highly skilled crew of talent.  An excellent section of instrumentation & musicianship in here for you to enjoy and turn-up as well – you’ll find an excellent piano solo leading into a killer trumpet solo, followed immediately by more solo awesomeness from the guitar…the rhythm section of the bass & drums are in lockstep the entire way through…and Katy remains sparkling right in the center of the spotlight, singing her genuinely real thoughts & feelings with pure heart and intentions radiating sweetly from the microphone.  These are all fantastic ingredients, played with the passion & professionalism you’re hoping for, supporting a unique singer/songwriter that really stands out from the rest for her sincerity & perspective.  I’m definitely a fan of what Katy & her crew have accomplished with “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” – it’s a solid single, all-around with the kind of enticing sound bound to pull in new listeners & fans from all over the place.

Find out more about Katy Vernon at her official homepage at:  http://katyvernon.com

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