Kary Sit – “Guilty Pleasure”

 Kary Sit – “Guilty Pleasure”

Kary Sit – “Guilty Pleasure” – Single Review (Kind of?)


We’ve talked an awful lot about how to present your music to be reviewed and tackling different ways to come about that when dealing with press-types of all kinds lately here at SBS…and today we’ve got another example of how not to go about it here with the new single from Kary Sit!

I should probably clarify from the get-go…what I’ve heard I’ve liked…sounds good really if you were to ask me and I suppose someone out there did!

But…hang on a minute here…did I just really say ‘what I’ve heard I’ve liked?’

I did in fact! I can still see it written in just a couple lines up from this sentence…why on earth would I put it like that?

I think it all stems from that I don’t actually get to know what I’m talking about in this review here…or someone maybe doesn’t want me to know what I’m talking about here when discussing Kary Sit’s new single…or…or…

Actually I have no idea why someone would direct you to a preview of the song rather than send you the full single itself to be reviewed in full. Like…literally NO CLUE as to why that would make sense to anyone out there…

The true tragedy in a situation like this is that Kary probably has no idea this is how her music is being put out there…chances are this is a management or an exec that simply isn’t putting in the time or effort to represent her or the music in full, or how it should be properly handled…I mean…someone tell me I’m crazy please…this isn’t the way it’s supposed to go really is it?

So, let’s see if everyone really gets what they want on this one. Maybe I’m totally off-base here. Maybe Kary and the crew truly DO want me to review the minute and twenty seconds that I have access to…I suppose maybe somewhere out there for some reason unbeknownst to myself, maybe, just maybe this makes sense to someone out there and that’s exactly what they wanted. Let’s face it – there’s absolutely no way that it can be; but let’s also face facts – what other choice am I presented with here?

The end of the first, or perhaps second verse (really not sure on that one) starts out the sample of Kary Sit’s new club-worthy single “Guilty Pleasure,” and for the line and a half that quickly fades into the hook they want you to hear in this sample…I mean, it sounds like it’d be pretty damn good. Again, there’s literally or audibly ZERO way to be sure…it like, REALLY quickly fades into the chorus…

With fun, electrifying energy, great tone and a ton of electro-elements generating a huge, danceable chorus – Kary Sit sings well, laughs well, and this whole song seems to come together from what I get to put my ears around. The song itself seems to possess all the potential you’d be looking for in a real club-hit; it has all the right beats, clicks and electro-impulses to send your bodies moving toward the dance-floor. It’s massive in sound and with the laughter-esque backing vocals, this song certainly sounds like something you’d hear on any major radio station in town. So all that is clearly working well in her favour. Though I can’t be sure…I’m pretty positive I got a whole run-through of the chorus in this minute and twenty they’ve let me have, and from what I hear, this kind of beat, performance and delivery could give her a massive chance to score big with listeners all around the globe.

That is, of course…if she eventually finds the proper support to help push her music…

As it rolls into what I assume might be the second verse…there’s some good and some bad. On the good/great side, Kary is awesome; she truly does perform at a professional caliber and really is an expressive vocalist that packs in energy and emotion into the electro-pop tune she’s got here. The bad…well…it’s a counting song…something the world honestly just simply doesn’t need any more of. To go through the whole 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. etc. etc. – I don’t know any other way to put it other than this idea is one of the most stale that exists in music today…it’s something we all need to get away from but don’t seem to be able to leave behind for some weird, bizarre reason.

That being said…I suppose she sings these numbers well? Again, I just can’t quite figure out why it’s necessary…she’s clearly talented and this song presents a great vibe and set of ideas musically – but the lyrics and metering often find massive stumbling blocks along the way throughout this entire minute and twenty second sample.

Look. When situations like this happen – there is no winner. I want to support Kary Sit so much more than I’m able to here today, and that’s just truly too bad. I don’t have the materials needed to produce a truly effective review or opinion, so I’m also in the position where I have no choice but to let you, my readers, down completely but simply not having any knowledge of what I’m actually talking about today. I feel genuinely bad for Kary…as she more than likely would have loved finding her way to us here at sleepingbagstudios…but there’s no way that a review this half-cocked can be of any use to her, or to anyone.

I can only hope that other artists, bands & musicians out there can glean a lesson from this review and take control over their own careers and destiny when submitting it for reviews. Cause it’s not the management team that suffers in a situation like this – it’s the artist, it’s the band, it’s the readers, it’s the music that truly feel the burn, whatever that case may be. Management get to go back to work the next day, chances are they still somehow get to receive a paycheque even!

But watch how quickly the funds that pay you dry right up if you can’t figure out how to actually effectively get the music out there and communicate with the press out there online in today’s world. With no sales or firm representation…there truly is no need to be managed. I’d be willing to bet that Kary might not ever even see this review…hopefully whoever is in charge takes all this to heart and the next submission they send out for will include the song in full and give someone an actual chance to review and love the music that Kary makes…but with management, you already know I’d be the last one holding my breath expecting that situation to ever change…

Who knows though? Perhaps I’ll reach out to her personally to see if there’s anything we can do to help her better along her journey…we’ll see what the management team has to say to us based on the review and make the decision from there!

All the best Kary Sit – wish we could have heard more from you!

Find out what you can for yourself at her official page: http://www.karysit.com/

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