Karma Town – “Oh No”

 Karma Town – “Oh No”

Karma Town – “Oh No” – Single Review

Hey right on – there are tons of reasons for me to be interested in this cut before I even push play!  I can’t recall if we’ve ever had music all the way from Israel end up on our Canadian-based pages before, I love just about everything that falls under the label of SynthPop, and I’m always excited to hear what people are cooking up in the debut stages of their career.  Karma Town has got all this goin’ on – and believe me when I tell ya, pushing play only confirmed that all these ingredients stack up to a huge win as far as my ears are concerned – I am absolutely diggin’ on the radiant vibes of this new single “Oh No.”

Now…I don’t want anyone to think I’m too twisted – I DO understand that “Oh No” is a breakup song, filled with genuine emotion that reflects on the aftermath & ghosts of relationships past – but c’mon y’all…how often do you find a song about heartbreak that’s this exciting, fresh, and upbeat to listen to?  Not only does this work flawlessly along with the theme, but the resulting contrast in that regard as well – it’s like “Oh No” equally represents how tragedy has been turned into triumph by rocking the results of this song as hard as Karma Town has nailed it, you know what I mean?  So that’s what I’m saying – I get it – there’s no doubt that fundamentally at its core, it’s pretty much downright devastating – all I’m trying to communicate is that the upbeat, lively, and vibrant spark this song is just as impressive, catchy, and remarkably moving.  I’ve heard some stellar music on our pages this week, and certainly including what I’ve heard in the past 24 hours or so…but I might just have to admit that, if we’re talking about a true combination of universal accessibility, complete balance, and something I genuinely wanna hear on my own playlist all the time…then I’m probably gonna have to give Karma Town the top spot this March.  A band ten years into their career would be massively proud of stumbling their way into a song as strong as “Oh No” if they were indeed so lucky…and yet here we are, with Karma Town about to embark on their debut with a cut that any veteran artist would have been stoked to create.  Not a bad place to start y’all…if there’s some kind of defect within “Oh No” to be found, these critical ears of mine ain’t hearing it; the production & mix from Ben Shopen is straight-up spectacular, and the only thing that seems to be able to rival the allure of the music is right on display in the sensational vocals coming from Maor Moyal.

You get what I’m saying I’m sure – this is a band that is built with all the right pieces it needs to succeed.

And yep – that includes the visual element as well.  I told ya – I’m genuinely impressed!  I don’t just toss that word around lightly y’all – LOOK at the creativity put into the video supporting “Oh No” will ya?  Karma Town is thinking things through from every angle, and putting in the kind of work that gets noticed by one & all…the scenes in the video are shot brilliantly, the editing is spot-on, and the whole storyline that runs through it is perfectly suited to the overall theme of “Oh No” to bring the lyricism to life onscreen.  Smartly using split-screen shots, scenes played in reverse & slow-motion, and a fantastic use of natural lighting & locations that can’t help but catch your eye…I gotta admit, it really feels like Karma Town has left absolutely no stone unturned in pursuit of making a memorable impact on every one of us watching & listening – and I salute the effort, yes I do.  It’s this level of dedication you truly need if you’re gonna make this music thing a career, and between what Maor & Ben have cooked up on “Oh No” both audibly & visually, I think it’s crystal clear that Karma Town has a massive future up ahead.  Is this what’s happening over there in Israel’s music scene right now?  I’m gonna have to book me a trip!

I’ve earned my reputation for shootin’ it straight and tellin’ ya like it is – and you can quote me all ya like – Karma Town is not only ready to roll, they’re already ready for whatever the next-level beyond is.

They already had me excited by the sound of the verse, the shift into the chorus was pure magic and revealed an irresistibly addictive hook that hits ya right in the heartstrings, and the whole package of what Karma Town has created with this video/single combination really deserves credit for all that’s been achieved.  As I’ve said many times on these pages of ours – some of you out there keep me awake at night, wondering & worrying about how you’re ever gonna make it – and I can promise ya this…I’m not gonna lose an ounce of sleep about Karma Town’s future – these dudes were born to make music & they’re shining like stars already.

Find music by Karma Town at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/5juADBOiuYmXhdRzxgrpSM

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