K-Ru$h – “Tired Of Losing”

 K-Ru$h – “Tired Of Losing”

K-Ru$h – “Tired Of Losing” – Music Video Post

Talk about maskin’ up!  K-Ru$h & his crew know how to make that all look as badass as you’ve ever seen in this new video for “Tired Of Losing,” put together with Cidal Vision.  MAD RESPECT for the quality put into this single from sight to sound – the cut is a stellar slice of melodic Trap to start with, and watching the video makes it crystal clear to everyone watching that K-Ru$h is putting in the WORK from every angle.  I’ll tell ya this much for certain – if this dude keeps the quality in what he does as sharp as this single/video is…he ain’t gonna be “Tired Of Losing” for too much longer – this is a straight-up WIN.

For all of just over three-minutes in length, you’ll rarely see this level of work and detail put into a video – and both K-Ru$h & Cidal Vision deserve major props for what they’ve pulled off here.  Not only does it look as amazing as it sounds, but the choice of editing, effects, scene selection, filters…all that stuff is beyond on-point – K-Ru$h proves he’s more than ready for the next-level with the effort you’ll see & hear put into “Tired Of Losing.”  Which is what it SHOULD have!  If you’re listening close to what the man is really saying, you know that “Tired Of Losing” needed to be an audible/visual line in the sand drawn…a statement cut in the catalog that has the real beef in the video required to back up every single word that K-Ru$h is spittin’ – and that’s exactly what he’s achieved in the results you’ll find here.

He’s DONE with losing – and from here on in, it’s nothing but winning as he takes over the game in 2022.  For real – you’re gonna dig what you discover here in this video – K-Ru$h will set ya up real nice with an intro, and the next thing you know you’ll be learning how to roll them bones with authority yo!  No joke, you end up getting a full-on lesson on how to play Rush in the process of peepin’ this vid, and once that innovative departure wraps up, K-Ru$h takes command & control to rock the mic right to the very end.

Smart visuals, stellar sound…the man’s got the vibe & a video perfectly suited for it – turn UP for K-Ru$h and make sure to find out more about him by checking out what he’s up to at the official pages below!

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