K Mooch – “Locate” / “Same Old”

 K Mooch – “Locate” / “Same Old”

K Mooch – “Locate” / “Same Old” – Singles Review

Great energy from this cat…K Mooch has got the vibe for sure.

And if he keeps the quality up like you’ll see & hear in these two tracks I’ve got here, he’s got a long career ahead of himself on a pathway straight to success.  Armed with a highly relevant style, trappin’ it up with precision & rhythm, the man’s music makes a solid impression on ya – and these videos he’s got here will secure him a spot on your playlists & radar for sure.  I actually ended up checking out his latest cut called “Locate” first…we’ll get to that in a minute here…but suffice it to say, once I saw & heard that for myself, I was wondering what it would be like to trip back in time a lil’ bit to a video from his record prior called TRACKSTAR, and see if he was bringin’ the same quality to “Same Old.”  I’m proud to report that’s exactly the case…the standards have been set high for K Mooch straight outta the gate and it’s plenty clear that whenever he makes a move, he backs it up with confidence from audio to video y’all.

From what I can tell, he’s been ballin’ hard in the studio over these past three years & breaking ground with his music as he establishes his name out there in the scene.  Puttin’ in the WORK and the EFFORT y’all – this kinda stuff should matter to you as consumers of real entertainment, you feel me?  In all of just three years, K Mooch has already dropped four full length records onto the internet, along with a bunch of singles & videos as well along the way – I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – this is the kind of determination & commitment to the craft that it takes to generate the results that efforts like this truly deserve.  All K Mooch has gotta do, in my opinion, is stay the course & keep on cruisin’ towards the top.

So…there you have it – “Same Old,” he ain’t – this guy’s got greatness in mind and clearly ready to do what it takes to get himself there.  You watch the slick & stylistic visuals for “Same Old” or listen to the freakin’ exquisite production on this cut and try to conclude otherwise – you can’t!  Dude’s got everything right in-line precision & metering-wise…he knows where to put the weight into the syllables of the rhymes he’s spittin’ – and ultimately, K Mooch has got a signature sound of his own vocally, which will count huge in his future as an artist in a variety of ways.  As listeners, we really don’t notice just how much, that so much, of what we listen to has a similar sound or tone to it – it’s when you hear artists like K Mooch that have that recognizable identity & star quality combined that you really notice the difference in the rest of what’s out there by comparison.  Checkmarks in all the right columns – “Same Old” flexes finesse and vibes built for the right here & now of what’s happening out there in the scene – let’s be real here…all hands on deck brought their A-game to what you see & what you hear from the main star of the show, to the production on the song by Twizz Pelican, and video produced by KDTV.  I could listen to this track all damn day for the spectacular clarity & quality of the music, or lost right into the hypnotic rhythm & flow of Mooch on m-i-c, and/or trip right out with the video supporting it as well – K’s given you every possible gateway into his music with the right approach & stellar sound all-around.

Like I was tellin’ ya earlier, my first impression actually came through checking out his latest single/video called “Locate,” from Mooch’s latest record called More Good Daze.  And call me crazy if ya like y’all – I just dig on artists & bands that genuinely do things in a clever, unique, or different way – you look at something like the very first seconds of a video like “Locate” with is title & colorization & peaceful aura, and there’s just something about it all that instantly pulls you right in, because your eyes & ears instantly confirm you’re in for an experience that’s not just like the rest of what’s out there.  Those of you that read these pages on the regular know I just call it like I hear it…so don’t get it twisted, don’t get me wrong – “Same Old” is a strong cut – the reality is, “Locate” is verifiably that much stronger, even while packing a much more delicate sound at its core.  Bottom line is, from sight to sound, you really can’t lose in checking out either of these singles from K Mooch’s latest records – no matter what you click on, you can count on quality when it comes to this man…over time, that leads to a bulletproof legacy filled with music & videos he’s gonna be able to stand proudly behind, that’ll hold up for years.  When it comes to the case of “Locate” – I think he’s already showing insightful growth as an artist if I’m being 100% real with ya…this is like taking what you loved from what you’ve heard in Mooch’s material so far, and bending it just even slightly more towards what the people are really listening to right now without having to compromise one second of himself on the mic or in the style he wants to make music.  To me, there’s a uniqueness to the vibe of “Locate” that’s every bit as endearing as it is entertaining – and in my opinion, that’s where the real magic of K Mooch shines brightest, most sincerely, and illuminates his pathway forward from here without question.  It’d be hard to not recognize the results of what truly works when you have a listen to a song like “Locate” – it might be subtle, gentle, understated & downright delicate in many ways – but in terms of the art & craft, this single is bold & beautiful & totally enticing to listen to from start to finish, equipped once again with an absolutely knockout video supporting it, this time expertly directed by TIMMYPRICEFILM.  You’ll hear it immediately though…I can promise ya that…you’ll click play on “Locate” and you’ll just start to feel the warmth & uplifting spark this cut has at its core…it’s that real effect of something special happening – you feel it & it moves you.

Impressive from every angle you can observe it from & listen to…the work is being put IN – the music, the videos, the consistent flow of material and the quality…nothing but green lights ahead for K Mooch.

Check out this here multi-link for all-things-K Mooch:  https://smarturl.it/moregooddaze

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