JXCK – “I’ll Miss You”

 JXCK – “I’ll Miss You”

Check out a powerful new voice in music, proudly representing the LGBTQ community and leading the way by example in embracing his own self-expression as an artist, JXCK has just released the emotionally sincere & tender Pop/R&B single “I’ll Miss You.”  A vibrant dose of minimalism in the music that’s relevant for today, he shines with genuinely heartfelt lyricism and a strong connection to the words that make them real.  Detailing the struggles in life & love, “I’ll Miss You” is beautiful, sad, joyful, melancholy…all at the same time…an authentic rollercoaster-ride of emotions, just like we all know life can be sometimes.  Dude’s got dance moves, hooks, the look & the sound – have a look/listen for yourself & click play on JXCK’s new single “I’ll Miss You.”

Find out more about JXCK by visiting his page at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/jxckmxsic



"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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