JuJu Barzz – “First Place”

 JuJu Barzz – “First Place”

Ready to “smoke a whole eighth in this bitch,” hit them bars hard, and get this whole cut blazin’ within a single minute’s worth of time – JuJu Barzz keeps the intensity comin’ atcha from the music to the microphone to make a massive impact in a real short space.  Armed with verbal swagger in his attitude and big beats that give him plenty of dynamics to add all the punch & emphasis you wanna hear in the tone of his voice as he’s spittin’ these rhymes, JuJu Barzz makes this minute of his new single “First Place” absolutely fly right by with pure entertainment, having you instantly reaching for a repeat.  Tons of personality and charisma in what JuJu Barzz brings to the m-i-c – and from what it sounds like, he’s got all the determination & skill it takes to make his way to the top of the charts.  As he’ll tell ya himself, he’s “comin in first place – if you comin’ in second hella late” – it’s probably best to get outta the man’s way and let him do his thang – JuJu Barzz makes it plenty clear through his words that nothing is gonna stop him on his way to success…and a solid smoke break or two along the way.

Find more music & videos from JuJu Barzz at his official channel at YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwivB8SPCOi1vOyAs6QQAEg

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