John Emmanuel – “Mi Reina”

 John Emmanuel – “Mi Reina”

John Emmanuel – “Mi Reina” – Music Video Post

Rockin’ the Toronto music-scene, not all that far away from where we’re based out of in Ottawa, artist John Emmanuel is proudly livin’ the LIFE y’all – the smile on his face says it all!  Take a look at the stunning…ummm…let’s say scenery, in his new video for “Mi Reina,” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talkin’ about.  I’m just being introduced to the man’s music from this new single/video for “Mi Reina” myself, but it really only takes a solitary spin through what you’ll see onscreen to know you’re probably just like me, and would trade your daily life for the one John’s livin’ in a split-second if you could.  LOOK AT THIS MAN will ya?  Guy’s got rumps shakin’ all around him, drinks flowin’ steadily, blunts blazin’ – he’s on a freakin’ BOAT…I mean…I’m just sayin’ – I don’t know what YOU are doing right now, but I’m willing to bet y’ain’t throwin’ down like this!

Beyond all the beautiful bodies you’ll see on nautical trip onscreen, John Emmanuel’s got a verifiably smooth cut to go along with it without question.  Singing in Spanish, “Mi Reina” translates to “My Queen” in English…which will give ya an idea about what the song is all about if you don’t speak Spanish yourself…but trust me when I say, you’ll get the idea from what you hear, and certainly what you’ll see.  People will dig this vibe though…no doubt about that…the hooks are brilliantly strong, melodic, and reveal the finesse J.E. brings to the mic & his music…highly relevant sound overall…there’s nothing I’ve seen or heard that would stop y’all from checking this out, and every reason to tune in & turn up for it.  John’s had quite the successful year from the looks of things online, and “Mi Reina” is sure to build on that – from his debut single “Live That Life” in 2020, to the more recent release of “Hold On” and a major viral breakthrough with “Divine & Lovely” with its video racking up tens of thousands of hits in a very short time across the many platforms he’s on – the man’s clearly making an impact of the listeners & viewers out there.  It sure makes sense to me – and I’d imagine he’ll go on to score another significant milestone with this new crossover cut as well; “Mi Reina” is essentially a flawless single from sight to sound, full of hooks designed to keep ya listening from verse to chorus, blessed with the personality & charisma of an artist that has a verifiable gift for keeping you entertained through undeniably catchy & high-quality vibes.  Dig on what John Emmanuel’s comin’ up with – the man’s got swagger & style, 100%.

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