John Doh – “#0141”

 John Doh – “#0141”

From the man who brought us the remix on Stormzy’s “Vossi Bop” just last month, John Doh returns with his debut original “#0141” and gives you a full glimpse of what he’s all about & where he’s come from on his brand-new single.  Always awesome to get more to the story – and he’ll fill you in on a ton of details of what his life’s been like as he raps his way through “#0141,” expertly produced by 4most.  With a hazy vibe in the music and a biographical tale of what JD has been through and what its taken him to get to where he’s at today, “#0141” officially breaks the seal for this homie…and it’s probably safe to say you can expect an onslaught of new tracks coming out from this emcee now that his own originals are getting out there onto the internet.  You’ll hear in the lyrics of this single that he’s got the drive & ambition required to take him to that next-level, and you’ll hear in the determined sound of the seriousness in his tone of voice that he’s got every intention of getting himself there.  Get to know the story of John Doh a lil’ bit more through this brand-new cut – have a listen to “#0141” below!

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