Joe Jacobs – “Fly High”

 Joe Jacobs – “Fly High”

Joe Jacobs – “Fly High” – Single Review

I have the feeling that a lot of people out there are going to be pleasantly surprised by just how much they love this tune by Joe Jacobs.  Not just the song for that matter, but the video as well – there is a tremendously uplifting vibe & spirit in “Fly High” that run through both the audio & visuals that is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile in your soul.  It’s the kind of song/video you’ll just feel better for having experienced, you know what I mean?  Click play on this, check it out, and we’ll talk some more below…

So here’s what I can & can’t tell ya…

I honestly don’t know too much about Joe Jacobs details-wise…I believe that his biography is written in Arabic if I’m not mistaken.  I can tell you from his picture that the man rocks a fully respectable beard – that’s a fact.  Aside from that, it’s hard to gain much insight into what he’s all about, with the exception of checking out his other music & videos from the past four months or so since he began to release his music online.  I think what we can assume from a bio being written in another language however, is that English likely isn’t the first language that Joe Jacobs speaks – and believe it or not, that’s part of where the real magic of this song takes place, right in the lyrics he’s written.  Because here’s the thing…and if you’ve ever learned another language yourself, you know this to be true; it starts by communicating the core essence of what we need to get across.  It might not even be full sentences as you start to learn or even for years afterwards – but the sentiment of what you want to express comes through, because you’ve learned those core words that get to the heart of the meaning of what you really want to say.  You following me?  In the case of a song like “Fly High,” you’ll find that Joe has found the perfect way of getting across the sweetness of his intentions to inspire and encourage people out there to embrace the moment for all it’s worth in every minute of their lives – and with the uplifting & empowering vibes he’s created in the music and the beautiful melody he’s written to support the ambitious & selfless sentiment in the words of “Fly High,” you literally come out of this experience revitalized and ready to take on the world.  How could it get better than that right?  Nothing greater than a positive impact!  Everything Joe sings comes out blissfully sweet as its designed to be both lyrically and in the sound itself – he’s got great tone, and most importantly, he’s got the sincerity in his vocals to match the intentions of a song like this…and it’s his humble innocence and way he communicates that makes you a believer.  The vocal hooks are a massive strength in “Fly High” – but credit where credit is due, Joe Jacobs has also created solid entertainment from beginning to end in the music of this single-worthy tune as well.

Yet SOMEHOW…things STILL get even better and MORE inspiring when you factor in the video for this song.  Joe’s made an incredibly smart move here by having the talented Alcy Caluamba onscreen – the man is a master at the art of expression and dance combined – and true to form, he delivers perfectly.  Everything about this worked!  I love the way the words come up onscreen to surround him while he dances, I love the fact that you can visually see he’s genuinely responding to the song in the way that he dances, and I love the fact that you can see Alcy was truly another star born to be doing exactly what he’s doing right here in this video.  He’s a pure artistic talent and should be recognized as such – he certainly gives everything he’s got to this performance and is honestly incredible to watch; dude’s as smooth as it gets with his moves and you can clearly see he holds nothing back – which is exactly what you want when you’re collaborating with another artist in whatever medium you might be.  You want someone that fits, but also someone that’s really going to treat the material like it’s their own; and of all ways I can think of describing this collaboration, that’d be the biggest compliment I could pay them both…that they really complement each other as artists in the final results of the video for “Fly High.”  Alcy knows to take the spotlight…because it’s a video after all…but at the same time, he’s so cleverly professional and smart that he knows he also has to enhance the music by what we see.  Full props to the chef because he seriously cooked up something special for you with his performance and connects the sentiment of the song to the screen for all to see clearly; Alcy did a truly amazing job, straight-up.  You add in the awesome effects in the video that often double his image or even triple it…I mean c’mon – it’s more & more & more of a great thing here, no matter how you look at it or listen to it!  “Fly High” is as fun as it is sweet, as uplifting as it is inviting, endearing, warm, and comforting to experience – if you’re looking for a song that’ll genuinely make ya feel great, this will make an excellent choice and fit real nicely onto your playlists out there.

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