JL Universe – “Y”

 JL Universe – “Y”

JL Universe – “Y” – Single Review

Every once in a while, you just need something that sounds HUGE…you know, those tracks that get your ears excited…music you might not even normally listen to but all of a sudden it’s the exact break and sound you were longing for, but never knew exactly what it was before you heard it. You follow me?

Cause we’ve got one of those here with the new single “Y” from JL Universe.

Seriously! Right from beat ONE this song comes out like a monster bursting from the closet. After a short electro-infused intro, the beat & hook of “Y” comes at you with undeniable perfection and energy. As far as production goes, and sample choices…you literally can’t ask for better assembly on a track. It’s got all the right percussive elements, low end is ever-present and the electrodes are firing off in all kinds of amazingly innovative directions; and it all comes together perfectly.

This is VERY promising people…if there’s more coming out from JL Universe, consider me listening! Absolutely excellent, dynamic beat here with a rhythm and groove that just can’t be denied. If there’s more to come from this hip-hop mastermind in the future, consider me listening!

And how about JL as a lyricist and flow-master of the m-i-c? Ridiculously good. Perfect really. With a slick-tone in his delivery that sounds both confident and unique, this Colorado-based future superstar has put himself into the track at all the right points.

The man behind all the madness and ingenuity on “Y” is also known as Johnny Larchick, and this guy is certainly no joke. He’s involved in every possible aspect of his music and career, playing the role of everything from engineer-to-producer, musician-to-performer – this one-man show is truly making it happen here on this first single, it’s already creating a MASSIVE buzz.

And it should be. I’m damn surprised all this awesomeness fits into my speakers!

Download a copy of “Y” direct right here:  http://bit.ly/FreeJLmusic

Find out more about what’s coming up for JL Universe at his official page.

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