Jim Vierra & Friends – Untitled – EP Review

 Jim Vierra & Friends – Untitled – EP Review

Jim Vierra & Friends – Untitled – EP Review

Well…the day has finally come fellow followers of SBS…Country music has made its way all the way from Nashville to our tiny corner of the internet. Though I’ve never shied away from any style of music – here we are, into our second year and only now finally busting into the country scene! Thankfully, we get the real deal here through this untitled EP from Jim Vierra & Friends and get the authenticity that comes with that traditional Nashville sound.

In all truth – Jim Vierra is actually a song-writer and producer. This EP is comprised of scores of local talent from Nashville that truly help bring these songs to life in the recording. I personally love it when I’m in contact with song-writers as it really allows you to close your eyes and hear where the songs themselves could go. As a true songwriter – Jim might write in a certain style that lends itself particularly well to a genre like country; but that true talent for song-writing exists when they can be brought outside into other styles of music as well. Adaptable songs. Jim has done that here, and incredibly well.

This could be country…this could be power-pop…this could be rock…his writing has that versatility. Truly on display through the song “Tonight” – a track written in such a style that even Avril OR her new husband Chad could cover. And there is something special about that Tennessee tone in the guitar – I can’t explain that part well enough to do it justice…but there’s like, a secret sweet coil in the strings of those Nashville guitars, again on display through “Tonight” and throughout the rest of this untitled EP.

As played, these songs are plenty strong enough to fit in with the current climate of the world’s country scene. Each song is BIG and full of the heart and emotion that can make or break this style of music. Ron Wallace and Mark Riddick jump in on this album through vocals; everyone comes through in a solid performance to do this song-writer’s songs great justice. The production is completely on-point and solid throughout…except for maybe one thing I’ve noticed and I’m not sure that I blame Jim here…

Though I’ve looked into as much as I can, I couldn’t find the name of the female vocalist on his song “Drivin Me Crazy,” – which IS crazy, cause she’s crazy-good! That being said, if anything I noticed production-wise I thought she rose a little too far in front of the music, more than likely due to an excellent performance that couldn’t stop those mixers from going up just one…more…notch…ok ok…one more…

Throughout the four tracks I’ve taken in from Jim I can safely say there’s a genuine song-writer’s talent here. I can appreciate what he’s going for on the writing of each and every track and I really think these recordings themselves turned out extremely well. All of these artists working on them should be extremely proud of the way this all came out – job well done.

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