Jehry Robinson – “Coffee Beans”

 Jehry Robinson – “Coffee Beans”

Jehry Robinson – “Coffee Beans” – Single Review

There’s nothing not to like about this new-single from Jehry Robinson – I’m a big fan of what he’s come up with on “Coffee Beans,” mind you…he has the distinct advantage of being the review following my brain being taxed by a struggle to get my head around music from France… I suppose what I’m saying is – I completely appreciate the chill-vibe and absolutely stunning rhythm to this first single that precedes Jehry’s new EP by about a month or so – it’s exactly what I needed right now.

After the flip of the radio-dial, it lands on the sparkling-vocals of Robinson with a reggae-infused melody that leaves most of the hook to the vocals overall. Certainly more than capable of carrying this song on his back if he had to, Jehry Robinson sounds spectacular on “Coffee Beans.” Singing smoothly with brilliant vocal-flow and lyrics that match elements of what’s happening in the music in extraordinary ways from rushing-ocean sounds to back-singers that come in to gang-up on the vocals – JR and the effort of all-involved shine through in spectacular ways throughout “Coffee Beans.”

Massive credit to fantastic song-writing and honest, sincere, delivery…the rhythm and groove of this jam is increasingly addictive the more you play it. I’ve spun “Coffee Beans” probably more times than I’d thought possible in an hour; it IS only three-minutes long, but like caffeine itself, this is a strong cup of awesome and this tune IS that helplessly-addicting.

Everything about the smartly-produced vocals is outstanding. Whether on his own in the mix, or with back-up singers, or with effects – Jehry Robinson is the musical-mailman; he delivers through the emotion in his trembling-voice and heartbreaking-tone every second that passes. A truly impressive sound that is flawless from the beat to the mix, performance to lyrics – this guy should be proud of the sincere and incredibly-honest sound to the music he’s recorded on this latest single. If “Coffee Beans” is any indication whatsoever – we ALL have EVERY reason to be extremely excited and waiting in increasingly high-anticipation of his upcoming EP.

I know that I am! It’s been a full-day of listening to some extremely unique sounds and styles of music from all over the globe; the smooth-sounds of Jehry Robinson are making me appreciate coming back full-circle to our North American continent once again – this new single is a gem of relaxed, stylistic & melodically-tight music that I truly can’t get enough of. The verse is strong…the chorus is made of pure melodic-steel – I didn’t know they even still sold that stuff! “Coffee Beans” is lyrically-clever and absolutely stunning in the chorus; the vibe in this song and the heart in this artist beat as one beautifully throughout this new single – absolutely stoked to hear more from Jehry Robinson after hearing this.

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