Jeff Marcoux – “Legacy” Featuring Jean-Fred Gauvin

 Jeff Marcoux – “Legacy” Featuring Jean-Fred Gauvin

Absolutely fuckin’ FIERCE!

Jeff Marcoux certainly ain’t takin’ any prisoners with his single “Legacy” from his recent Repaying Evil With Evil EP – this cut’s savage enough to split the earth right in two underneath ya while you’re listening, potentially cracking open the gateway to hell & the demons waiting below, ready to crank up the Metal & mayhem with ya!  Featuring the raging vocals of guest-star Jean-Fred Gauvin of the band Seventh – together, these two beasts slay everything in their path as they attempt to burn down the world with the heat of just one tune – “Legacy” is an epic monster of a song that is not – repeat NOT – for the faint of heart.  Marcoux makes music so vicious it could fuckin’ BITE YOU in the process of listening…consider yourselves warned; but also make sure to consider the insane degree of skill and intensity you’ll find to turn up, assuming you survive this massive onslaught of supreme sound that is.  Jeff crushes it on guitar – and if you look at the liner-notes of Repaying Evil With Evil, you’ll find that aside from the appearance of featured talents like Gauvin in the mix, Marcoux handled every moment of everything you’ll hear.  This Quebec-based behemoth is clearly a one-man-army built of pure steel & punishing thrash Metal sound – but this time around, he’s got powerful backup support onscreen & on the mic – check out the wicked video he’s got supporting “Legacy” featuring Jean-Fred Gauvin below!

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