Japz Soul – “Good Life”

 Japz Soul – “Good Life”

Japz Soul – “Good Life” – Single Review

Big summer sounds from Japz Soul in this electro-infused blending of massive music-moments.  The new single “Good Life” has vocals that range in sound, texture & style through the effects and delivery of JS…it’s got elements of R&B, Pop, hip-hop all mixed into this all-inclusive song that is stuffed right to the brim for sound.  Not even kidding…Japz Soul even got himself an air-horn sounding off at different points throughout “Good Life” – he’s pretty much added in sound everywhere it can possibly exist on “Good Life.”  For some…that’s the way they really love their music to sound – I mean, for real, there is a seriously amount of elements in the music that make up this entire beat & structure…and for those out there that do like their music to be on the busier-side, you’ll dig on this.

For myself personally…I mean…I gotta admit, I’m not an air-horn guy – but aside from that, I’ve got no beef here with Japz Soul’s “Good Life.”  I dig the ultra-electro vibe that really comes through clearly on this cut, especially whenever the vocals really match that energy and sound alongside it.  Even the air-horn…as much as I might try to resist it on principles alone…I gotta admit, I can understand why it’s chosen to blast-off at points throughout this track – there’s genuine excitement here.

I’m sure we’d all agree in listening to it – Japz Soul is clearly living the “Good Life” and loving it exactly as it is.  There’s a few points in the verse at the beginning that I kinda wish we could hear the words a bit more…but the key-ones that punctuate the music ring through clearly even in the quietest moments.  I think with the absolutely massive sounds you hear in the music that those vocals probably could have come up just a few more notches on the boards…but it’s not all that much of an issue.  You still get the melody and flow to the lyrics and they pair well with the music overall…so even if you don’t catch every word, you still feel the vibe.  Besides…that’s what multiple-listens are for anyway…go back and catch what you might have missed the first time around; in a track like “Good Life” and its plentiful variation and inclusion of sounds & ideas – there’s bound to be a ton of reasons for you to check this out multiple times to get your head around the whole thing.

Because don’t let Japz Soul fool you…he might be living the “Good Life” but it still takes some serious work to get the music to come out this big & bangin’ like this.  It’s large & in-charge all the way through and definitely a song that you wouldn’t be able to help but notice if it was playing nearby…the beat would penetrate into the next apartment or office building for sure if you get this one jamming on your playlist and give it some decent volume, believe me, the people next-door WILL notice.  On the brightside, Japz Soul has made it extremely easy for you to advertise that the party is over at YOUR crib – all you gotta do is turn this up and watch the people start to show up at your door to get in.

The only potential pitfall that I think Japz Soul could run into here is within his own identity in music.  Does “Good Life” do enough to separate him from the rest out there in the electro-genres with similar style and approaches?  I’m honestly not sure.  A good song is one thing…and I think “Good Life” does a solid job of keeping the ears entertained with the amount of sheer sound coming at you…but it’s another thing entirely to create something we’ve yet to hear.  Ain’t my first rodeo…not my first air-horn either, know what I mean?  But as I’ve also said numerous times…it’s not always about re-inventing the wheel when it comes to music – sometimes it’s just about making a seriously hot song that people are going to spin everywhere they roll-out over the summer.  Also in Japz Soul’s defense…is the fact that it’s supremely tough to define an entire ‘sound’ on just the one song anyone might listen to…so there could very well be some signature-moves and more to the story once we hear more from this guy down the road…time will tell for sure.  As of the right here & now, I think he’s delivered a seriously bright & vibrant electro-rhythm that has enough hook and pull to definitely last over the summer…something for the people to put on at the party and really add to their enjoyment.

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