Japa Dollar – “100%” – Single Review

 Japa Dollar – “100%” – Single Review

Japa Dollar – “100%” – Single Review

It would be pretty hard to be in a bad mood listening to a song from Japa Dollar. You’ll be even harder-pressed to find a video from him that won’t make you smile. We were recently checking out the new video from JD for the new single “100%” and quickly found that to lead to a host of other videos he’s created…he’s extremely busy! We toured through a whole host of his videos and music after being introduced to his sound and style through the latest single “100%.”

Isn’t that the exact response it should invoke? Not only was I digging on the new jam from Japa Dollar but it instantly led me to check into the REST of his catalogue; if that isn’t the exact response you’re looking for when releasing music as an indie-artists…well, perhaps it should be! I’ll fully admit that part of the reason that led me to check out the very next video we watched from JD was because I had recognized and worked with one of the people in it! Seems that the video-world is just as tight-knit as the live-concert circuits you all know & enjoy; we video people are in the same boat and constantly give each other those same high fives when we see each other around.

And Japa Dollar of course deserves a lot of credit for putting together an entirely interesting video and entertaining song. “100%” has a large & dynamic sound that combines some excellent aspects of ‘world-music’ with a dance-beat that is completely enjoyable and inoffensive. As JD rolls through screen after screen in the new video, he’s also tripping around all over the world. As screens depict everything from different areas of the world to screens of him dancing it out in creative atmospheres – it should also be noted that there is a completely awesome stop around France in this video that makes for a real highlight as Japa Dollar brings it in close.

All in all, the vibe of “100%” compliments the video and song together pretty perfectly. Japa Dollar quite obviously has the talent and skills to make both an entertaining song and video; but perhaps more-so than anything else, it’s his uncontained enthusiasm and uplifting energy that will pull you right in.

Find out more here at the Japa Dollar Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Japa-Dollar/163758660353817

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