Jamie Nelson – “SPINE”

 Jamie Nelson – “SPINE”

I mean…I ain’t gonna lie to ya, my YouTube algorithm pretty much kicks ass & I’m not ashamed to admit it; if a video like “SPINE” is going to lead me directly into 4 Non Blondes afterwards I’m certainly not gonna complain, and I’d imagine keeping company with a powerhouse voice & stunning songwriter like Linda Perry is…well…that’s right where an artist with dynamic vocals like Jamie Nelson has should genuinely wanna find herself, ain’t it?

Dig the spirit & empowered confidence Jamie’s got, no doubt about it.  Even the notes I’ve got here speak volumes on behalf of her radness & badassery – check this out:  “Homegrown in Toronto, Ontario, she will never stop jamming out to her favourite Nickelback album with her headphones blaring – no matter how many times people show her the Chad Kroeger ‘look at this graph’ meme.”  Fun attitude, unapologetic, and clearly unafraid to be controversial in the combination of her perspective, wild Rock tendencies, and all-out personality…let’s be real here – Jamie’s INTENSE – and her music reflects that.

Video-wise she’s crackin’ the bat for a solid homerun on “SPINE,” enlisting director Matt Manteiga to give this visuals a killer cinematic look with symbolism that brilliantly echoes the themes of the lyricism (hint – this song written during the pandemic era folks), and reveals the remarkable star-quality of Jamie Nelson & the breathtaking range she’s got as a singer.  She’s crushin’ it & there’s no conclusion that could be drawn to otherwise – she’s putting conviction & strength into every syllable of “SPINE,” giving her new single the rock-solid backbone required to make the words believable, and this moment in music highly relevant for the times we’re livin’ in right now.

You know how the old saying goes though…”if Jamie Nelson rocks like a badass & sounds like a badass, then a badass Jamie Nelson, truly must be.”  I’m pretty sure that’s written down in some book out there I once read, predicting the future long ago – and here we are now, wouldn’t ya know it – the prophecy is coming true!  Her band sounds inspired, the solo by Alex Brandão is hot & heavy, and the vocals of Jamie Nelson can’t help but make a massive impression on anyone listening, whether it’s the fearlessness of her perspective & sharp point of view, or the sheer enormity of her most intense notes – one way or the other, she’s designed “SPINE” to get your attention & keep you onboard through its resounding resolve.

Listen to more music by Jamie Nelson at Soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/jamie-nicole-nelson

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