Jamie Coon – “When We Were Young”

 Jamie Coon – “When We Were Young”

Jamie Coon – “When We Were Young” – Single Review

Singer/songwriter Jamie Coon’s got a stunning new single out there right now…super impressed with what I hear in her soulful approach to “When We Were Young” – this is an absolutely beautiful tune.

The kind where you instantly form an attachment to.  There’s a reason you’ll find words like ‘soul’ and ‘soulful’ and ‘soul-filled’ on her social media pages and reviews of her music – a song like “When We Were Young” speaks right to the core of your being, where melody is something you feel inside of you.

As the grey in my beard likes to point out these days, I’ve been doing this long enough to know what special is the moment I hear it.  Can be mere seconds sometimes, just like I found here on Jamie’s latest song; there are rare gems like her that exist in the scene that have the remarkable ability to establish a lasting impact in a short amount of time.  “When We Were Young” is nearly a five minute long song – don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about a short tune overall – we’re talking about the incredible first impression that Jamie will make the moment her music & vocals start to combine on her new single.  I’ll put it to you this way…I knew right away that we’d be in for something amazing with “When We Were Young” before ten seconds had gone by…over the course of the next minute, I felt vindicated already…sittin’ here all smug with a smile on my face knowing I’d pegged Jamie for being the world-class artist that she truly is, happily satisfied with how professional & unique the beginning of this song is…

…and then it happened.  As she shifted the melody and the sincerity in her tone of voice heading into that first minute, Jamie exceeded every expectation I could have possibly had, transforming “When We Were Young” from a great song already, into a timeless classic of its own right, even if it’s still brand-new.  What she’s pulled off with the powerful emotion and incredible melody you’ll find in her voice and the way she sings “When We Were Young” will age beautifully over time…essentially, this song will never get old.  Between the piano & subtle beat, Jamie’s got all the space & room she needs to carry this song…in many ways, its minimalist design practically requires her to rise to the occasion; to which I can confirm – she completely does.  Right from the way her voice seems to drift in on the wind at the very outset of “When We Were Young,” to the heartfelt & raw emotions she’ll expose in the melody & lyrics thereafter – you simply cannot beat the performance Jamie’s put into this song – she owns this moment and she’s absolutely captivating.  Spellbinding…truly.  There’s such a remarkable amount of sincerity in the way she sings that I feel like I felt every single note she’d sing out buried itself straight into my heart.

In a sea full of songs, artists, bands, and music out there in the world – I gotta admit, this stands out to me for all the right reasons.  Jamie’s clearly got her head & her heart in the game…”When We Were Young” is a brilliantly focused song that shines a massive spotlight on the authentic passion & love she has for making music.  It’s something you know as a fact as you’re listening, because to get a genuine connection like this from the vocals to the music between the writing and ambitions of sentiment like you’ll find on “When We Were Young” – it’s gotta all come from a very real place.  Whether that’s from getting right into the story or nostalgic tale she’s singing, or whether it all comes from her own real-life experience, thoughts, and feelings like you’d fully assume it does – the point is that Jamie makes this moment come vividly to life through the exceptional way she approaches this song & sings it so well.  From the background vocals to the lead, the instrumentation to the writing – “When We Were Young” is fully designed to make an impact on the hearts & minds of those who listen.  Mission accomplished.  As heartbreaking as the lyrics can be, Jamie relentlessly displays a stoic wisdom & courage in her words, giving the meanings the inspired vocal performance to match, presenting a ray of hope through the confident way she sings with such a controlled & graceful, fragile beauty…her spirit might be broken at times throughout this single – but she’s far from giving up.  From the sounds of things, really, she’s THRIVING.  The hooks are everywhere and the X-factor sure runs strong with this artist.  Any set of ears could tell ya that…you don’t need me – have a listen to Jamie Coon’s new single “When We Were Young” below!

Find out more about Jamie Coon and the music she makes through the official links below!

Homepage:  http://www.jamiecoon.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jamiecoonmusic

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jamiecoonmusic

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jamiecoon

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/JamieCoonMusic

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