James Dean Death Machine – “All Alone”

 James Dean Death Machine – “All Alone”

As if the perfect time for this single isn’t right now – I’m sure “All Alone” is a cut that everyone out there can relate to at the moment.  People are gonna dig on this for sure…there’s a gorgeous mix of sorrow & beauty radiating through the melody at the core of James Dean Death Machine’s latest song, which incidentally comes from the new album Leave A Pretty Corpse.  For the timid out there, don’t be intimidated – you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised with the soulful vocals, the gripping doses of humble honesty & emotion in “All Alone,” and the spot-on isolated & hollow vibe that James Dean Death Machine creates so expertly in this single.  With a slow & steady build and songwriting designed to hold up strong over time, “All Alone” makes a powerful connection through its artistically ambitious structure and adventurous melody – and it keeps your attention through stunning songwriting and authentically organic execution; James Dean Death Machine has opened up a vein and really let you in on the inside for this track…listeners are gonna highly appreciate just how real this experience is.

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