Jaiz – “Dreams” Featuring Snypod

 Jaiz – “Dreams” Featuring Snypod

Jaiz – “Dreams” Featuring Snypod – Single Review

Well jeez – this dude is practically slummin’ it today by being here!

If you have even a quick peek online at what this emcee has been up to, you’ll see he’s racked up millions of hits on his videos & music…which by my count…I think is at least millions more than we experience here at any time on our pages if my math is correct.  So thanks for stopping by Jaiz!

Much like I’d hope you’d expect – you don’t reach those kind of numbers without putting the work in.  Reading about Jaiz, the man is clearly on top of his game from all aspects…it even mentions in his bio that he’s involved right up to the cover-art, taking on all kinds of roles from the merchandise to marketing, directing his own videos, running the official website…AND of course, saving a couple seconds somewhere in the day for writing & rappin’ as well.  So for those of you out there struggling to put up a Facebook post once a day & nothing more – maybe you wanna take some notes from this guy.

Jaiz has got his sights set on being something more than music – and I got a lot of love & respect for that.  Using his powers for good, he’s looking to inspire the people out there, embracing the true power of the pen & microphone as one, all in an effort to inform, educate, and observe from a positive angle.  And I mean, I can point out the hit-counts & amounts of plays he’s racking up out there online again if you feel like we still need to go over that…if somehow the millions upon millions of listeners aren’t already all the confirmation you need to know that what he’s doing sincerely connects with the people out there…but you get the idea by now right?  Jaiz is providing a light in this dark world of ours.

And via Hip-Hop – the PERFECT vehicle to drive these thoughts home no less!  I love that within the words of his single “Dreams,” you’ll even hear him make an insightful comment on the genre itself, taking a moment to explain how the perception of Hip-Hop has been tainted by those that can’t separate the difference in the fundamentals between it & Rap as a whole.  He mentions that Hip-Hop has gotten a bad rep for the wrong reasons…and from my own experience, he’s right about that; there’s a good 90% of the people out there that consider Rap/Hip-Hop as one & the same, which just ain’t the reality.  Embracing the roots of the genre, Jaiz displays what it’s really all about…that even though rhythm and poetry might be the acronym for Rap, it’s Hip-Hop that’s always truly held those values up the highest.  It’s about positivity, it’s about knowledge, it’s about expression, passion, art, and being unafraid to use your voice for all the right reasons & especially when it truly counts the most.  At its best, Hip-Hop has always been an inspiring catalyst and advocate for change in the most positive ways – & you can tell from “Dreams” alone that Jaiz understands what it takes to make his music hit that mark.

He takes on a lot more than music when it comes to “Dreams” – you’ll hear all kinds of relevant social commentary and smart insights that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s on the people’s side and genuinely looking to lead us to a better tomorrow.  Through confident bars that expand to include thoughts on homelessness, world hunger, drugs, guns, rape, pain & much more – what makes “Dreams” a fantastic experience is that the main star never gives up hope and his positive spirit is unbreakable.  While he might point out a lot of what’s not going right in this world, he’s also highlighting the importance of finding that strength to be a voice for change – and you’ll hear from his own words that it isn’t any kind of easy task.  Jaiz has struggled like many of us have…and he’ll go into detail on that throughout “Dreams” and the imagery in his words as he tells this story…but you can hear in the uplifting vibe and humble approach that he takes to his lyrics, that he’s more than ready to leave his troubles behind and encourage you to do the same.  We’re all here for a short time…we’ve all got “Dreams” – and we’ve all got the means to achieve them, not just for ourselves, but for all of us.  To make that happen though…the world needs that spark of inspiration or jolt out of its apathy; I felt like in listening to “Dreams” that Jaiz has a complete understanding of that…& that he’s ready to lead the way.

So salute to this guy…Jaiz is on the right side of history & he’s determined to make his own impression.  With a slick beat from Hygrade and Snypod expertly adding the atmospheric vocal-hooks to the chorus, “Dreams” is a chilled-out vibe with intense messages and a skilled emcee that certainly knows how to hit the bars with a solid flow, energy, and information that’ll make an impact on ya…or at least, it should!  Because if you’re really listening here…you’ll realize it’s not just up to him to pave the path towards his “Dreams” – we’re all responsible for creating that ideal world we wanna live in, no matter who we are.  You gotta put in the work, you gotta have the passion – and most importantly, you gotta have the desire straight-up, right?  Jaiz is proud to be a force on the frontlines for change…you can hear it in the way he spits his words on “Dreams” and the underlying all-important thread of hope that this single contains.  Great mix, great balance, solid writing & solid performance…if he keeps up this kind of quality with his music and his head on this straight…dude could get to the point where he’s got an entire globe filled with fans all echoing his positive sentiment and helping to take this whole planet to the next-level.

Find out more about Jaiz from his official homepage at:  http://jaizmusic.com

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