Jae Money – “Pain In My Heart”

 Jae Money – “Pain In My Heart”

Quality cut homie.

Jae Money is definitely onto something here – the man’s got the perfect balance between the skills & swagger you wanna find in an emcee/artist in the game.  He’s puttin’ in the personal details on “Pain In My Heart,” a track that’s dedicated in tribute to his father, who passed away in 2016.  Clearly still on his mind to this very day and rightly so, Jae does the fam proud with the performance he puts in on this new single – you can literally hear he’s put tons of thought into the lyricism in a sincere effort to create a cut that genuinely connects through the authentic emotions you’ll experience.  Don’t get me wrong, the effects on the vocals that start up the hooks are solid to get “Pain In My Heart” headed in the right direction, but once everything is removed and you get the flow of Jae Money comin’ atcha unfiltered, raw, and real – you’ll get a serious dose of just how moving & powerful the man can be on the mic – that’s where the magic is really happenin’ here.  You get a stylistically slick flow that puts the emphasis on using imagery we can all connect with, spit in a thoughtful approach you’d find in wordsmiths like Common or Kweli – that REAL Hip-Hop flavor, with a modern-twist that has Jae in great shape to reach that audience he should be with a single as strong as this.  He’s inspired & he’s got a solid cut that stands out & makes a memorable impact – check out Jae Money’s latest and click play on “Pain In My Heart” below.

Stay tuned for more music comin’ from Jae Money by hitting up his channel at YouTube right here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW4Z6JHYzT835i2ONTyLZUg

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