Jacob Chacko – “Good Moment”

 Jacob Chacko – “Good Moment”

Jacob Chacko – “Good Moment” – Music Video Post

If you’ve tuned into the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve been introduced to the warm sunshine vibes of solo artist Jacob Chacko and have yourself a head start on this posting here today from having heard his new single “Good Moment” on our show, along with more of my thoughts on the man behind the music.  As always, if you haven’t had the opportunity to check that out yet, no panic, no stress, no worries – you know we’ve got you covered!  It’s the internet y’all…trust me when I tell ya, anything we’re posting is out there online for ya as long as this heart of mine still continues to beat in time with your tunes.  Click here to go to our latest show and have a listen to what we had to say about Jacob, click right below these words to see the video, or keep on reading about the man here in this very posting – feel free to do it all!

It’s all up to you dear readers, dear friends – but you & I both know you deserve a “Good Moment” or two.

All-in-all, it’d be super tough to resist the natural sweetness & charm of a dude with intentions as pure as Jacob has – “Good Moment” is exactly what you’d expect it to be, and exactly what its title implies.  As I mentioned on our show, he’s not here to dwell on the negative whatsoever – in fact, from what we can tell so far, his comeback to making music is based entirely from positive inspirations like his family & friends, and tunes like “Good Moment” clearly reflect the spirited attitude he has towards life itself.  He’s got himself a brand-new album out, called Better Now Or Never, which includes “Good Moment” inside the set-list of ten tunes on it, and according to Jacob directly, the “album signifies that it is never too late to undertake ones aspirations and to go for it without reservation.  The album cover also reflects despite our challenges, there will be a brighter road ahead.”  So there you go folks – those are words straight from the man himself…you can see it right there in-print and you don’t just have to take my word for it – Jacob Chacko is aiming to inspire listeners through the music he’s making, and it’s working.

Something’s going right so far, that’s for sure – our friend here is quickly closing in on 75K’s worth of hits, clicks & views when you look across the multiple platforms he’s on – and on that note, full salute to Jacob for hitting the ground running with his comeback this year.  You can read about how he had taken a “significant break from music” prior to his new music on Better Now Or Never right there on his main website…but realize the fact that you’re reading this on a perfectly laid-out page, with just about every link you can think of up top to all the right social media & streaming sites as well.  What I’m saying is this – everyone’s more than allowed to take a break from whatever it is you’re doing – heck, it’s honestly even encouraged and VITAL on so many levels when it comes to creating art and gaining perspective on what it is you’re trying to accomplish…sometimes it’s that same distance that creates the most clarity.  That being said, WHEN you come back to doing what you love – take a page out of Chacko’s playbook here, and make sure that WHEN you do, you go all-in and put every ounce of passion you’ve got into every aspect involved.  As in, sometimes you gotta do the hard and mundane work of getting all your pages set up – but in the end, it’s completely worth it as Jacob himself has proven – once again, have a look at all of his sites and you’ll see he’s been getting the word out quickly on his music in multiple ways as a result.  I’m not even remotely kidding when I say that if most of the artists & bands I tend to write about on these pages of ours were this invested, interested, organized, and focused in what they’re doing to the degree that Jacob is, my life would be a whole lot easier and I’d have a lot less grey hairs.

You see what I’m saying?  If you can’t put the effort in for YOU, then at least do it for me & my follicles!

I neither see nor hear any reason for this guy not to be incredibly proud of what he’s accomplished with “Good Moment” from sight to sound.  Recognize that when it comes to a lot of the great songwriting we hear out there in this world, it’s the result of maintaining that focus on the idea, intent, and core concepts of the song you’re working on – and like I told ya on our last episode of the SBS Podcast, I don’t think there’s a person out there in this world that could argue against Jacob hitting the mark of his intentions with this single.  He aimed specifically to brighten up a whole bunch of your days out there with this tune, and help this world mellow out a little like it completely needs to right now with an all-encompassing, inviting vibe that’s got sweet sentiment at the heart of its lyricism & sound that we can universally agree on.  Tracks like “Good Moment” are built & designed to bring a smile to your face, and whether you’re listening to it or watching it happen onscreen in the video, I’m fully convinced that Jacob’s lead-single from his new record will have no problem at all achieving the mission in that regard.

You can tell the man himself is into it, and largely because of that…the inspired spark that he plays with…the sincerity he brings to his music all around…the uplifting & radiantly colorful sound he creates – all this stacks up into a genuinely heartwarming “Good Moment” that reminds us to celebrate the time we have to the maximum of our potential.  On a related side-note…once you see the video for yourself you’ll see that Jacob’s got plenty to want to celebrate right now, and how he’s made the most of his own potential through the GLORIOUS studio set-up this guy’s got…I’m not even remotely kidding – you’ll see this recording LAIR he’s built for himself, and it’s something truly to behold!  He’s got everything he needs to make music for YOU to enjoy & perhaps more importantly, the desire to do exactly that, 100%.

For real y’all…there’s no doubt whatsoever that the past couple years has been incredibly tough on the world at-large…and I think you’re going to find the shift towards positivity-infused tunes making real moves on the playlists & charts in the future to follow.  Jacob’s positioned himself perfectly to play a strong role in leading the way towards those better tomorrows we’ve been yearning for, and a song like “Good Moment” is the kind of soulfully-satisfying experience that everyone can benefit from right now.

Make sure to find out more about Jacob Chacko, and listen to his music from the official pages below!

Homepage:  https://jacobchacko2022.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jacob.p.chacko

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jakebest2022

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jacobchackomusic

Bandcamp:  https://jacobchacko.bandcamp.com

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/59pejUXCofEDMUgbI9NBen

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