jac0b – “Falling”

 jac0b – “Falling”

jac0b – “Falling” – Single Review

I’m not entirely sure what digital artist jac0b has been up to since the release of his debut singles “I Don’t Mind” and “Vibe” back in 2018, but it’s mighty clear from this latest cut called “Falling” that the man has a viable music career waitin’ on him to return.  It’s also theoretically possible that he’s spent the past three years adjusting every knob & dial on the studio boards to engineer & produce this new single to the sparkling sound it has, given that there’s no argument to be made otherwise – this is as flawless as EDM can be, containing all the right magic of the genre that has lured in fans worldwide.  That being said – I’m reasonably sure that he probably hasn’t spent every waking moment working on this brand new cut, toiling for three years straight – I’m sure he’s been busy doing other things like living life & all that…but jac0b…my man…it’s clearly time to get back to where you belong, doing what you love if this is the stellar quality of sound you’re able to bring to the people from the lefts to the rights!

So…what’s the real story here?  There are two ways you can look at it.  On one hand, you’ve got an undeniably catchy & single-worthy track that features radiant music & vocals that beam straight outta your speakers – and ultimately, that’s pretty damn tough to complain about, you feel me?  Everything is right in line with where you’d expect to find it from the build-up to the breakdown, to the drops and release of sensational Electro-based energy you wanna hear.  jac0b has made sure to load every inch of this song up with spectacular sound that’s guaranteed to attract your attention – it’s vividly colorful and synthetically sensory – there is literally nothing out of place, nothing that doesn’t seem like it completely belongs, and everything you’ll hear suits this vibe spot-on, 100%.  On the other hand, that familiarity exposes the most potential for jac0b to grow & evolve with his music in the future to follow – right now, he’s sticking straight to the script of great EDM and nailing it for sure, but with this single moving in such a similar way as so many others out there, it arguably has less tangible identity we can pinpoint jac0b to – make any sense?  So don’t get me wrong – it can absolutely be two things here – it can be a great song (which it is) and still not recreate the entire wheel of EDM music without that being too detrimental, you follow me?  Essentially, sometimes artists and listeners are united best through that desire to just hear music that’s got the juice & got the energy and spirit you wanna turn right UP to the rafters – it doesn’t have to be groundbreaking every time – “Falling” is that cut that keeps the party goin’ long and strong, giving genuine fans of EDM exactly what they want from every possible angle.  Hard to argue with that, wouldn’t you say?  And truly I’m not – it’s up to jac0b & jac0b alone to decide what kind of artist he wants to be and how he wants to approach his music-career overall – he could clearly go on making fully flawless tunes like “Falling” with the talent he’s got for production and his remarkable ear for sound – and he could make a whole lot of people out there from one side of the map to the other really happy about that in the process.  Or of course, he could choose the road less traveled, switch it up just a little bit more on the creative-side to deviate slightly from the EDM script and challenge himself to build a legacy by doing things differently than the rest out there – honestly, he’s got the skills to do whichever he chooses.  As it stands, I’ve got no issues with “Falling” whatsoever and I completely salute this level of attention to detail…it might not push the boundaries of the genre, sure – but it certainly delivers on radiant vibes that are designed to turn good times into great times.  At the end of the day, if you’re supplying reliable high-quality cuts like jac0b is, believe me, the people out there are gonna be listening.

Listen to more music by jac0b at Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6TxyF0wBBenaTlZio1VqqE

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