J-Hen – “Gypsy Girl”

 J-Hen – “Gypsy Girl”

THIS…is seriously entertaining.  Awesome job on this new single from singer/rapper/stylistic-flow-artisan J-Hen on the wild ride he’s put together for his song “Gypsy Girl” – loaded with hooks in the music, editing and performance…a truly commendable job all-around that is certain to pull you into the vibe.  AND – this deal gets even sweeter – the video for “Gypsy Girl” directed by Jeff Adair is 100% on the money – this is all about real talent on both sides of the camera lens right here is what this is.  Definitely a winning combo – unique song, wicked video – it all adds up to a win for J-Hen on “Gypsy Girl” – check it out for yourself below!

Find out more about J-Hen at his official page at:  https://www.j-hen.com/



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