Isabella García – “I Trip” Feat. Bon3

 Isabella García – “I Trip” Feat. Bon3

Ever since we first heard artist Isabella García for the first time last year, it was more than apparent she had the talent & desire to take her music to the top of the charts – and with her own personal choice of direction, given the fact that her versatility & cultural influences afford the opportunity of many avenues to get her tunes out there into the world.  Last time around, we experienced her star-power through the lively performance she put in on her single/video for “La Cadera” in 2019; this time here in 2020, Isabella plays a much more collaborative role as the mastermind behind the music & production, with a solid assist on the mic from featured guest Bon3 on the highly addictive downtempo new cut called “I Trip.”  A solid fusion of digital & analog instrumentation & sound, García proves once again that she’s got an incredibly relevant sound for the right here & now of what’s happening in music today, if not a full step ahead of the rest with this combination of style & sound…”I Trip” floats along in a dreamy, melodic haze, drifting in & out heartbreaking emotion in the vocals and vibrant colors radiating through the guitar tones that soar into the mix.  Expertly structured & assembled, it’s a short cut at less that 2:30 in length, but a completely effective vibe and another single that Isabella should be 100% proud of – she’s done a remarkable job on the production, she found the perfect guest-star to suit the song with Bon3, and together, they deliver a slice of seriously satisfying sound on “I Trip.”  Supported with a wicked video filled with rad effects & stellar shots, edited with wild glitches to give it all the visually-entertaining greatness you’ll see, like it’s a VHS tape from long ago, saved & spliced together for your enjoyment today!  Isabella García & Bon3 hit the mark big-time with this ice-cold sound – check it out for yourself and click play on the new single “I Trip” below!

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