Inzane Music 2020 – “Hold U Down” Featuring Rico_Maz

 Inzane Music 2020 – “Hold U Down” Featuring Rico_Maz

Inzane Music 2020 definitely latched onto the inspiration this year, resulting in an entire series of stellar releases of which we’ve never once experienced this project drop the ball or ever let the quality drop.  From singles & videos like “LEFT BEHIND,” and “All Day,” to our most recent feature here on our pages in mid-December with Inzane Music 2020’s “Feelings” featuring Francis, to past collabs with the very guest-star you’ll find in the spotlight of the new cut below, like back when Rico_Maz put in a massively memorable performance on “Better” at the end of November.  The facts are in and they have clearly spoken for themselves – we might have jumped on the Inzane Music 2020 bandwagon late in the year, but we’ve certainly made up for lost time, and every one of these singles & videos we’ve posted has confirmed the spectacular consistency & spot-on instincts of this collaborative project, while revealing an all-new dimension of its sound, style, and scope with every release in the process.  It is always awesome to discover a spot out there in the musical universe you know you can rely on as a source of never-ending good tunes, and Inzane Music 2020 is fast proving to be a project you can depend on to supply the exact kind of colorful spectrum of sound you wanna hear beaming & boomin’ loud’n’proud through those speakers & screens of yours.  Speaking OF that colorful style & sound Inzane Music 2020 is known to lay down with such supremely catchiness – check out the video for the brand-new single “Hold U Down” featuring Rico_Maz below and you’ll both hear AND see what that’s all about!  Capping off what’s been a brilliant breakout year for Inzane Music 2020, “Hold U Down” is another audible triumph, another visual highlight, and further proof that this collaborative project is creating inzanely addictive music that the people – including me – can’t get enough of.

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