Inzane Music 2020 – “Feelings” Featuring Francis

 Inzane Music 2020 – “Feelings” Featuring Francis

I love this feeling!

You know something homies?  So do I!  New singles/videos from Inzane Music 2020 are always a pure joy to check out & listen to.

Smooth as smooth can be, Inzane Music 2020 has been crushin’ it this year with spectacular tunes – and we’ve got another one fresh off the press for ya with the latest release “Feelings” featuring Francis posted up here for y’all to turn UP.  A complete celebration of love from beginning to end, “Feelings” has the kind of sentiment we can always stand proudly behind – and it’s the exact kind of song we all needed to end this year, with the delicate chill of this cut bringing a sweet calm & comforting balance to all the chaos we’ve experienced throughout the storm we know as 2020.  I know we appreciate it here that’s for sure – and with the ultra-refined style/sound of Inzane Music 2020 in control of the studio-boards, I’m equally confident you’ll all love what this collaborative project has come up with yet again; as reliable as ever, the mix is so on-point you can’t help but hear the craft & skill applied in everything you’ll hear.  As per the supreme standards set by Inzane Music 2020 in the past on singles we’ve reviewed like “Better” featuring Rico_Maz, and tracks like “LEFT BEHIND” & “All Day” featuring TXMIC – this project has once again uncovered a fantastic guest-star to lead the way to victory with Francis bringing pure sincerity & bold melodic tones to the microphone on “Feelings.”  Embracing that loving feeling proudly and putting peaceful vibes out there into the universe for all to hear, “Feelings” is another incredible example of Inzane Music 2020’s remarkable versatility & non-stop quality cuts – and along with the brilliant performance that Francis puts in with his vocals, they’ve created a moment in time 100% successfully designed to bring YOU closer together with those you love & wanna turn the lights down with most – enjoy!

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