Inzane Music 2020 – “All Day” Feat. TXMIC

 Inzane Music 2020 – “All Day” Feat. TXMIC

I put in so much work – so I know this is the moment.

Time for a HUGE WIN y’all – listen up & pay attention!  When we were introduced to the last collaboration between Inzane Music 2020 and skilled mechanic TXMIC through the single “LEFT BEHIND” last week, it was instantly felt, heard, and KNOWN that this crew of collected talents had latched onto something savagely special.  I like to think I’ve been doing this music-thang long enough to know the X-factor when I hear it…and I don’t mean to spend my time here bragging to ya…but if you can listen to the new single “All Day” and not come to the conclusion that all the incredible claims I’ve made about the greatness on display here being the full-on 100% raw unfiltered truth…then homies your ears are straight-up broken!  This collaboration has got the JUICE…it’s got the SPARK you wanna hear coming out of your speakers & screens “All Day,” every day, you feelin’ me?  “Lyricism with rhythm, I was born with the melody” as TXMIC will tell ya himself…and the man will go on to quickly prove this is an undeniable fact as he crushes these bars with supreme confidence and undeniable skill.  With the atmosphere set up perfectly through the wild dynamics endlessly & willingly supplied by Inzane Music 2020 – this pairing is as top-shelf as it gets y’all – it’s conscious Hip-Hop that hits HARD…TXMIC brings a perfectly suited intensity to match the music & the meaning behind his words; together, they perform this track like their freakin’ LIVES depended on it…and if you’re listening close, maybe that’s not too far off the mark at all; this collaboration brings their A-game to every second you see in their videos & hear in their music, determined to let nothing get in between them & the top of the charts where they belong.   “What more I gotta say?” – Inzane Music 2020 & TXMIC have got a sensationally single-worthy cut on their hands with “All Day” – turn this UP.

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