Imaginator – Imaginator

 Imaginator – Imaginator

This new three song set from Imaginator is brutally heavy and built to destroy everything that can’t handle ‘loud’ in its path. It makes me stop and pause, reflect on how far I’ve personally come in music-reviewing for just a second…five years ago, this might have been ‘too much’ for me, too aggressive sounding, too much going on….well….maybe…

…but not anymore…

Personally right now I am loving the way the instant attack begins from Imaginator right away in the opening track “Cliff Diver.” With its stuttered timing, flawless playing and immaculate crunch – this track right away both sets the tone, as well as truly proves the work has completely been put into this new EP. The vocals come at you full force…and dare I say, even include some gorgeous melodies.

You’ll get an even better example of the Imaginator ability to combine the light and the dark elements of sound as “God Mode” continues the EP. Very intense vocals on this track, and an extremely well written and challenging song to make, the drums are absolutely thundering away on the kick pedal, driving this song along while the harmonies echo along in behind. Great atmosphere in this song, extremely all-encompassing.

At the end of the three track EP, is the title-track and also the namesake of the band, “Imaginator.” This nearly nine minute epic, pulses and switches through incredible timing signatures and really has been put together in a careful way despite all its extreme complexities. The vocals are right there and in your face once again, aggressive as all-hell breaking loose…but as angry sounding as they might be to your ears, there’s no denying that they fit completely perfectly here. Right around the five minute mark, this track just tracks an incredible turn towards the epic and this track really takes on yet another life in that final 3-4 minutes.

It’s impossible to deny the extreme amount of hard work and commitment put in here, but even harder would be to take anything away from Imaginator at all; if you’re into metal – there’s no reason you shouldn’t dig what Imaginator has come up with on this extraordinarily heavy and extremely well put together self-titled effort.

Jer @ SBS

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