Igor Laze – “Departure”

 Igor Laze – “Departure”

According to what I’ve read out there online, Igor’s not all that far away from us here in Ottawa…he’s chillin’ over there in Toronto only hours away.  Originally born in Latvia if my information is correct, and he’s been calling Canada home for quite some time now as far as I can tell.  With a brand-new lyric-video created for the title-track of his 2019 album Departure and a stunning composition leading the way to a brilliantly crafted & adventurous sound with serious depth, Laze’s in good shape for continued success despite the lockdown.  If you’re looking for music that’ll take you on an ambitious journey and deliver what your ears wanna hear via solid instrumentation & ideas all professionally executed…then push play on Igor Laze’s latest visual offering from Departure and check out what this dude is capable of!

There’s a lot to dig on in Igor’s music.  Love the sound & tone of the guitars and how they sparkle in the mix throughout this song…love the harmonies and backing vocals and how they contribute essential moments all the way through “Departure” as well – and facts are facts, Laze’s got a great voice.  Listening to the extra rasp in his vocals come out when the song gets more intense, or dial back when the tension subsides into serenity…it’s all exceptional to experience and makes a memorable impact.  When it comes right down to it, with the many aspects & elements of “Departure” being as impressive as they are, it’s a testament to Laze’s vocals and the way he sings this song that his voice will likely be the biggest hook & gateway into his music for many people.  Igor’s got a fantastically expressive voice and writes evocative words that are specifically designed to bring out the extra emotion in his vocals.

For you music-heads out there, you’ll love the progressive thread that runs through the writing, sound, and performance of “Departure” – and you’ll be impressed with how smoothly this whole song flows together from part to part.  It’s an ambitious tune that has a genuinely subtle epicness to it that you can hear soar through the spirit of “Departure” in a way your soul will connect with…it’s extremely well composed, as is the song’s main star.  Igor brings his A-game to the mysterious melody & haunting vibes that float through the atmosphere of this single…and with incredible bass-lines, splashing cymbals & stoic drum beats, and smart inclusions from the strings, keys, & guitars all backing up Igor flawlessly throughout this compelling audio-adventure – he’s definitely got an enticing slice of his latest record goin’ on with “Departure.”  It’s a strong single with plenty of contrast & twisted emotions on display – and I’d imagine there’s a ton of people out there that’ll connect with Igor Laze’s startling vulnerability and his ability to write a song like this with bold themes and lyrical imagery that is unafraid to dive deep into the pain in a sincere effort to close this chapter of life for good, and move confidently onto the next.

Find out more about Igor Laze at his official homepage here:  https://www.igorlaze.com

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