I Am Justified – “She Wants” Featuring Layvon

 I Am Justified – “She Wants” Featuring Layvon

Man!  Right from the intro of this video you can tell the work has been put into creating a quality experience!

Representing the Something Serious Music Group, aka SSMG – I Am Justified & Layvon come out sounding smooth on this cut designed for the lovers out there, and the video from Blase’ Santana Films gives the entire track a perfect match for its vibe on screen.  Solid combination of skills – you got I Am Justified on the mic to handle the rhymes confidently from bar to bar through the verses, and you got Layvon there to sing the memorable chorus hooks on “She Wants.”  All-in-all, this entire crew of talent reveals itself through the brilliant way the song is performed & combines Hip-Hop & R&B so well, to the exceptional way the video for “She Wants” comes out visually – check it all out for yourself below!

Find more videos & music from the SSMG crew at their official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmrBJHAxloPn9YuYoMKdPiw

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