Hopeful Monster – “Zero Options”

 Hopeful Monster – “Zero Options”

Let’s make it beautiful” – sounds good – count us in!

With a mysterious & curious Trip-Hop sound, and a tripped-out video full of vibrantly colorful effects & stunningly strange visuals, Hopeful Monster makes a bold impact through both the audio & video of the new single “Zero Options.”  Artistic, creative, and designed to be a memorable sensory experience for your ears & eyes, the sleek design of “Zero Options” flows fluidly through the dark in search of the light, delivering stylistic hooks that work with the added tension, drama, and melody in the vocals.  Excellent texture to the sound of the music with an atmosphere that hangs suspended in the air…Hopeful Monster has created an eerily poetic cut that stands confidently on its own as a true art piece & sonic adventure, but no doubt at all when combined with video, the effect of both mediums and the way they complement each other takes this a single step further in the right direction.  Dedicated to Dennis Muravyov and Katya Vlasova – check out what Hopeful Monster’s new single/video is all about by clicking on “Zero Options” below!

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