Honor Flow Productions – “It’s All Love”

 Honor Flow Productions – “It’s All Love”

You down with HFP?

Yeah, you know me!

I’m all about it – I love the energy that Honor Flow Productions puts into the vibe of their latest single.  How could you not?  This is the kind of positivity in music the world needs right now – “It’s All Love!”

Come on out for a nostalgic trip down memory lane on a track “dedicated to the ones we love, to the ones down here, to the ones up above” – Honor Flow Productions are paying their respects and paying homage at the same time.  From the sincerity in their lyrics & storylines running through the imagery in the words throughout “It’s All Love,” to the clear passion on display for a REAL Hip-Hop vibe, and the video supporting this single that even includes throwback shots to the golden-era of the genre’s early beginnings – Honor Flow Productions have nailed this cut down tight from every possible angle.

Together, this three-piece consisting of the talents of DJ Chuck “thE oLd SouL,” ELIMN8, and DJisLORD will bring a genuine grin to your mug while you’re listening to their memories of days past and how they wax nostalgically about what made those days as great as they truly were.  You add in the stellar video directed by the expertise of Andrew “GreenGreeem” Choi and the lighthearted vibe the visuals create to complement & suit the addictive sound goin’ on in “It’s All Love” – and they’ve got everything they need right here from the screens to the speakers to get your attention and keep it with the quality they put in.  Rhythmic flows that show real respect for the roots of Hip-Hop, that essential jazzy, true-to-the-old-school vibe that made the whole genre glide smoothly like you’re dreaming out loud & spilling your thoughts to the universe above – “It’s All Love” for sure, 100% – but it’s also a cut that’s got all the bases covered & locked-down tight.  Honor Flow Productions go beyond what’s good and get into what’s great through the authentic passion they clearly have for the game, which you can see right there in the video & hear right there in the song.  With three seriously strong pieces in this unit, you could almost consider Honor Flow Productions to be like Jurassic 5 minus 2, with the skills required to compete with highly capable crews from coast to coast – this is that positive, unified vibe, connected by real words, thoughts, and music that your ears wanna hear.

“It’s All Love” comes from the new album The B.L.A.C.K. Odyssey, which is out and available now.  Make sure to give that record a spin for yourself by hitting up Honor Flow Productions at their official page at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0gzF6sjI1tHeg35L6c4yVC

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