Honeywords – Singles

 Honeywords – Singles

Honeywords – Singles Review

Checking out another record in advance today…Seattle-based band Honeywords have got a new EP called Seven Inch that’s coming out officially tomorrow.  Most of the cuts are out there and available now, they’ve been releasing them piece by piece; the adventure wraps up on July 20th when the final song “Grey” gets added to the lineup and the whole record is online for your summer consumption.  So there you have it…not too long of a wait at all from here – the Seven Inch EP is right around the corner!

The creativity of Honeywords and the downbeat-artistic style this project possesses is immediately on display in the first cut “Leaf” – a short, less-than two-minute tune that’s pretty damn captivating really.  A lot of that comes from the uniqueness you’ll find here…Honeywords isn’t afraid to use texture in the mix, which gives these tunes a real lo-fi feel to them…and that’s precisely what I mean, you can actually feel these sounds.  That’s the result of not just innovation in the writing, but also in the recording techniques applied – and it gives a band like Honeywords a distinct advantage in their ability to pull you in to listen.  Because a song like “Leaf” ain’t gonna punch you in the face to get your attention – but it will earn it – and that’s because Honeywords aren’t trying to be anything other than themselves here.  I know my ears appreciate it…tunes like “Leaf” trickle out of your speakers in the most humble & sincere ways, no pretense, no BS, just raw honest feelings and spectacularly low-key sound.  A genuine mix of odd beauty & emotion on “Leaf” – fascinatingly simple ingredients and a spectacular result; smart breakdown mid-song in between verses with a muted sample in the mix to keep you listening to this mysteriously subtle gem.  While this first cut might rock a fairly Xanax-style of its own, the cold cocoon of sound that “Leaf” presents at first continually warms up just enough for you to nestle into its melody.

“Backseat” is arguably the most accessible of the tracks released so far.  Similar to vibes you’d find in the music of Styrofoam here – or perhaps close to an indie-project you know we love here called Acharya as well – the point is, Honeywords might not necessarily brighten-up exactly, but they do have a tune that’ll probably reach a wider audience with this second cut from the Seven Inch EP.  Personally, I really dig how these guys are doing what they do – I find this kinda stuff extremely engaging to listen to – once again, that’s largely because they’re finding all sorts of impressive ways to use sound from the texture in the recording, to the melodies you hear them creating.  It might be more straight-ahead & tangible on several levels when it comes to the structure & movement – it diverts from being anything too typical through the attitude & honesty that comes through the lyrics.  Almost deceptively long in a way – “Backseat” is about three-minutes in length, with nearly the entire last minute spent on finding their way outta this song & creating their exit in a muffled rumbled of distortion…which is awesome incidentally, just an unexpected use of the time they had, that’s all.  That’s probably a significant aspect of why I’m really digging these tunes from the Seven Inch EP though…it’s how they’re using their time that’s making the difference.  None of these tracks are long ones, but they make a memorable impact.  And at the end of the day, I have the feeling that the members of Honeywords are quite likely audiophiles like I am…I’d sit & listen to the last minute of “Backseat” all day long & never complain.  I’ll willingly acknowledge that the majority of what listeners will dig is front-loaded onto this tune, but you won’t find me complaining about that assessment either – “Backseat” provides a couple access points in that regard.  Whether it’s their melody, words, or creativity, one way or the other, they pull you in.

But LISTEN to “Nashville” will ya?  If you’re a fan of true Indie music…and you love that lo-fi approach that quite often comes along with it – then what’s not to love about this tiny 1:17-long masterpiece they’ve got goin’ on here?  To me, this is where the proof was really in the pudding y’all – this is where you can tell that Honeywords has that magic you’re looking for.  “Nashville” actually contains very few words when you look at it on paper – and of course, length-wise, you’d naturally assume this is all the space they could take up in the time they have…and maybe to a degree, that’s true somewhat – BUT – what’s seriously amazing is just how much of an impact they can make on the heart & mind in such a short timeframe.  For REAL people – if you’re listening closely to these words, they are CRUSHING.  If I’m reading the vibes of “Nashville” correctly…it’s about trying to see if there’s some way – ANY way – to hang on to love before it leaves…or maybe a reflection on a love that’s already gone away, leaving Honeywords to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild.  The lyrical imagery, especially considering just how few words there are, is spot-on to what makes true Indie music as amazing as it can be, truly; it’s brilliantly poetic, honest, real, and unique – and if you’ve ever heard a love-song in your lifetime, you know that’s actually a much more rare combination of traits than you’ll usually find.  It’s tough not to tread over past material or share the same thoughts on how love makes us feel, whether it’s the good feelings or the bad ones – and that’s a large part of what makes “Nashville” stand out so impressively even at such a short length…this is that difference you want in the lyricism of a love-song, yet still relatable entirely somehow.  Which not to harp on the point too much, but it’s completely the result of how Honeywords is making music you can genuinely feel creep inside your heart, mind, and thoughts.  Love the vocals, love the distortion of the melody & recording they’ve got here once again – “Nashville” is one of those real moments in time that sets you adrift right into your own thoughts & experiences with life & love…like that song in your head while you look out the bus window & dream about the past.

Find the “music 4 dimly lit rooms” made by Honeywords and their new Seven Inch EP at their page at Bandcamp here:  https://honeywords.bandcamp.com

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