Hollywood Da Chef – “Kitchen Kabinet”

 Hollywood Da Chef – “Kitchen Kabinet”

Servin’ it up hot & fresh for ya this morning – we got Hollywood Da Chef up in the “Kitchen Kabinet” gettin’ all the right ingredients to mix into your speakers.  For real – take a TRIP with this dude and get into the vibe & video he’s got goin’ on – thematically on-point all-around, by the end of watching & listening to “Kitchen Kabinet” you are gonna feel like you’re high as hell!  Perfect use of effects, straight-up.  And while this single might be all about being wild & gettin’ reckless…don’t let that fool ya, this is one seriously focused mogul at work yo!  From the shirt he’s wearing with his FACE on it, to the personal anime cartoon character of himself that he’s got up top in the picture hanging over this article – it’s clear that Hollywood Da Chef is putting the work into his career & covering all the angles, just as much as he’s making time for all the ‘extracurricular activities’ he’s takin’ on.  That’s a nice way of saying drugs homies…you got that right?  If you dig into the “Kitchen Kabinet” with Hollywood Da Chef, I suspect you best be ready to hold your own…because this emcee seems ready to take it to the limits & beyond every time – give it a click below & see/hear for yourself!

Find out more about Hollywood Da Chef at his official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Hollywood-DA-Chef-2039221093014013

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