HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me

 HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me

HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me – EP Review

Exceptional! HidNTrackz has shown up for the recording, yessir! From what I can hear on The Misconceptions Of Me EP, and what I’ve learned from a few back & forth messages…well…seems like a pretty good guy looking to bring a little honesty to his own music and find a little in return here through a review on his latest tracks. I’m pretty sure I can do that…well, I think you all know me to do exactly that by now dear readers…

So first of all lets pick on this EP’s title for no reason at all of than I kind of found it interesting to think about; right now I have no misconceptions of HidNTrackz…in fact, I only gained one by reading the title. My first impression was that The Misconceptions Of Me must be about a guy that people frequently have misconceptions about; and up until that point I don’t know if I would have thought life has been like that for HidNTrackz. But what the hell do I know anyway? I’m not here to review EP titles; and as far as you and I go Mr. HidNTrackz…we all good!

Anyhow…you can already tell any time that I’m picking on a title (which I’m not even doing really) that there’s not a lot of flaws to be found in the music to follow. One of the only spots at all that I thought things went south for HidNTrackz was literally in the opening moments of “Blown Away,” the beginning track and experience into his sound, style and energy. The opening chorus-chant that begins the EP…personally I think that just needs to be examined a bit to get it perfect…here’s what I mean…

Those opening tones of “Blown Away” are done in a dissonant-tone…and there’s really not too much that can be done after that point to bring an excitement to the sound they create; it is dangerously close to an ‘I have a cold/nasally/hopefully-not-just-bored sound. Now…ordinarily, there is not much that can be done when the main hook is compromised in such a way; but oddly enough, HidNTrackz pulls this one off big time through an inarguably stellar verse that brings it harder than the chorus does. And don’t get me wrong; the hook of the song in the chorus is more that strong; it just literally needs a different tone and someone to spark the energy up.

I was explaining to someone the other day about what I consider my job to be in the studio when recording any given band or artist; or more specifically, how much do/don’t you attempt to change what’s actually happening in the studio and being recorded. And I’m paraphrasing myself a little here…but I’ve never considered my job to be to ‘change’ any artist in any way…I think natural instincts are what make artists unique; any advice I could give could potentially homogenize a creative idea. BUT…when you’re in the studio, once I know what you’re capable of…you’re screwed. After I realize what your 100% is…I want nothing less.   Would I have wanted more from “Blown Away?” Not if it was the first and only track I was hearing; but by comparison…there’s little doubt left in me that this opener misses slightly after hearing HidNTrackz nail it time and again flawlessly on the tracks to follow. And the point made in the purest, well, you want those first opening tones to invite us in…a dissonant sound is just straight-up tough for most ears to accept.

You can’t tell me that the spark I was looking for isn’t instantly delivered on “I Want You.” Featuring a homie – Lenny J – this track is literally an instant single from the moment that the verse pops & locks. The vocal-flow is SICK, not in lyrical content – in terms of skill; HidNTrackz is crushing it on this song. With a clever synth-line and catchy pop-beat, these two are doing everything from ‘chef’n-up the crab’ to servin up the beats hot and fresh. Now keep in mind, objectively-speaking, I also can’t lie to you…there’s a lot of auto-tune here in these hooks; personally that’s a sound I really like, for the others out there…you’ve been fairly warned. But while we’re at it – it’s okay for you to grow up now and accept that this is every bit as acceptable as any other style of vocals…just sayin! Fantastic vibe and execution all the way through this, excellent effects added in at the right time to give the track a real vibrant sound to it. Listen to that energy and confidence…it’s honestly extremely impressive listening to these verses come out at the level of speed & precision they do.

Bringing to move of an R&B-influenced, old-school hip-hop track on “B.A.B.Y.,” HidNTrackz once again calls for backup from the excellent pool of talent in his corner. Lending a hand is Sebastion Kole & Krisis in another winning combination that really shines brightly. Heartfelt & full of genuine love & emotion – it makes perfect sense; this song is literally about loving his wife and taking that relationship right into a marriage.

Wait a minute, wait a minute! But WHERE oh WHERE are the gangsters and guns you ask? Not his tempo; HidNTrackz is definitely above the played-out themes of modern-day rap; besides – this is hip-hop. As I maintain, hip-hop has a genuinely playful vibe and a seriously in-depth love of the craft that rings audibly-clear, leading to a good time damn near every time. “Love Affair” will bring that smile to your face; there’s no doubt that you’ve probably experienced a lot of what HidNTrackz rhymes about here. Whether it’s with a person, place or thing – affairs of the heart can happen to us all. The struggle to create that balance between your passions and your people might not always come naturally to us all…sometimes it needs to be pointed out to us. Gotta love your loved ones right? This song will absolutely resonate with you through both lyrics and beat…excellent old-school vibe here, bass-driven and it’s got the right mix of hip-hop, funk & R&B to match the tone of the lyrical themes perfectly.

Ending it on a massive-note, “Yesterday” might just be the most captivating tune of the five on The Misconceptions Of Me. It certainly makes a major case for it, mind you this track also switches up the atmosphere to a whole different area. “Yesterday” sounds 100% more serious in tone than any other track on this EP but man does this song DELIVER. Absolutely incredibly passion in this performance and honestly, this whole EP is brought up by this final single-worthy cut in several ways. It certainly makes the impact through the dramatic performance and tone switch; it also confirms that HidNTrackz is certainly no one-note entertainer as this versatile set of new songs has really displayed all-kinds of abilities and tremendous skill & precision of a very high-level performer. Layout-wise, The Misconceptions Of Me EP just builds and builds and builds, saving it’s most dynamic & emotional moments for the very end, resulting in one hell of a ride and one extremely satisfying hip-hop experience you’ll absolutely remember.

Find out more from his official page at: http://www.hidntrackz.com and support HidNTrackz at Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/hidntrackz

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