Hicham Chahidi – “Gouttes”

 Hicham Chahidi – “Gouttes”

Hicham Chahidi – “Gouttes” – Single Review

Sometimes music just speaks to you in ways that nothing else can.

I’ll admit though – I’m probably one of the world’s least-fashionably-inclined people – so the fact that this new single from Hicham Chahidi called “Gouttes” was designed for a movie about fashion was slightly intimidating to me.  Fashion doesn’t speak to me; it never has and likely never will – but again, music does.

Thankfully – it’s artists like Chahidi that provide a way to bridge that gap in between worlds – and that’s certainly been done here with “Gouttes” – I’d be interested in pretty much anything involved with music this inventive, displaying this amount of imagination…even a fashion movie, if that was the only place I was able to find it.  I’m always interested in something different than I’ve heard only moments before, or whatever was to occupy the top of my playlist at the end of my last listening session – and “Gouttes” hit the spot with a bright, bold and beautiful orchestral symphony of sounds.

“Gouttes” uses fantastically imaginative sounds and instruments to form its composition.  The list of what’s involved is seriously impressive: a hang drum, celesta, cello, flute, acoustic piano, violin, strings, violas, brass, orchestral percussion, bass & soprano choir-vocals and nature sounds.  For a guy like me, reading the list of ingredients in the recipe of Hicham’s music was like looking at a menu in a restaurant and discovering a dish that included all of your favorite things to consume in one meal.  I don’t listen to a ton of orchestral or symphonic music in my own daily routine – but that’s just the thing; we ALL listen to this kind of music much more than it’ll ever get credit for.  Music like “Gouttes” is the backbone of television and film, serving to strengthen soundtracks in many of the things we watch on television without stopping long enough to realize that it’s not the typically-substandard acting we’re loving as much as it is how the music is actually making us feel while we watch something, and how it adds to the atmosphere and mood of anything it’s included with onscreen.

What Hicham has done here with “Gouttes” is extraordinary and magical to listen to.  There’s absolutely no possible way that only three-minutes and twenty-two seconds was a long enough amount of time to spend with music made with the stunning amount of beauty this contains.  It’s hard to complain about something being so perfect…but I need HOURS of this, not just minutes – because what Hicham has composed on this single is absolutely mesmerizing.  From the nature-sounds that begin the song, to the ensuing dramatic buildup and flawless assembly of it all – there’s a sheer & shimmering perfection in “Gouttes” that completely sparkles and shines throughout its duration.  It is, to say the very least, absolutely, 100% gorgeous as a song can be.

You can hear quite easily just how perfect this would add to any kind of onscreen media to add to its strength – thankfully I don’t need a degree in fashion to understand that.  Whether it was a soundtrack, a movie, a program, commercial or just about anything else you can picture with your own imagination – “Gouttes” makes for a supremely fantastic and incredible listening experience and would be whether it was supporting another artistic medium, or even completely on its own.

I can vouch for that firsthand…because again…I haven’t seen whichever movie that this song has become a part of…I don’t even know the name of it to be truthful.  Because of my own interests lying so extraordinarily far outside the world of fashion that I barely even take notice that fashion is indeed still a thing – I don’t need to know where this music ended up to be able to enjoy it right now.  “Gouttes” at the moment, is the soundtrack to my own imagination…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well…okay…that part’s not entirely true…as I mentioned earlier on – I’d listen to this track any way I can get it.

Beautifully composed with a tremendously talented ear for music and production – Hicham Chahidi has definitely brought the music we often hear in our dreams to vibrant life on “Gouttes” – absolutely an artist I’d want to hear a whole lot more from.

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