Hendren – “Hasjasjeen”

 Hendren – “Hasjasjeen”

This guy right here…is onto something special.

As far as the creative-types go, Hendren clearly has a lot to add to the artistic dimensions & depth out there in this music scene we share together – both visually & audibly, you’re gonna absolutely freakin’ love what this dude has come up with for his brand-new single “Hasjasjeen,” and by the end of it all, you’ll quite likely be every bit as addicted to what you’ve heard and seen just as much as I’ve become.

For REAL – what a SLICK & SLY bass-line groove Hendren has locked onto in “Hasjasjeen!”  A standout in every conceivable way – yes, the bass is gonna be what pulls you in…at least at first – but trust me when I tell ya that you’re about to witness a whole treasure trove of awesomeness from the lefts to the rights inside of this one cut, which is threaded with incredibly clever atmospheric elements along the way as it plays.  As clearly as I can put it – the production is outstanding – and bringing real clarity to hooks that are as strong, thick, and catchy as these become, is a complete recipe for your enjoyment, straight up.

Complemented brilliantly by onscreen visuals that are as compelling as they are entertaining – from sight to sound, you can absolutely tell the work has been put into all the right aspects of this single to make it stand out in every conceivable way – it looks incredible, the entire vibe is amazing, and no matter where you look or listen, you’ll see & hear the absolute single-worthy quality of Hendren’s music – you couldn’t possibly miss it!  Remarkably impressive – there are songs in this world where I have to find interesting ways to help convince the masses to check it out – Hendren’s efforts speak loud & proud without any other assistance required, and volumes on behalf of the genuine creativity he’s capable of.  Incredible, all-around – no one could possibly resist the spectacular vibes of Hendren’s latest cut – check out “Hasjasjeen” from his upcoming debut album Hendren 1, coming out officially this September, 2021!

Find more music by Hendren at his official page at Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/hendren-hasjasjeen

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