Hanogi Stone – “Spend The Night”

 Hanogi Stone – “Spend The Night”

Beautiful sound to the sensual single “Spend The Night” by Hanogi Stone…definitely an Electro-Pop vibe you can really feel.  Love the twist on the vocal sound with the vibrant effects used and the entire shift into the chorus hits the sweet-spot perfectly; this whole single has a great combination of colorful imagination, sincere melody, and electro-magic goin’ on.  Could fit right into the Trip-Hop universe too…and the genre would be lucky to have’em – Hanogi Stone is onto something really cool here…this single is full of slick sound and sweet sentiment – check out “Spend The Night” for yourself below!

Listen to more music from Hanogi Stone at the official page at Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/user-690970860

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