Gymmie The Dreamer – “Animated”

 Gymmie The Dreamer – “Animated”

Gymmie The Dreamer – “Animated” – Music Video Release/Review

I’ve been checking out all kinds of cuts by Gymmie The Dreamer lately…let that be a lesson to you all out there…I might be here to talk about one particular single, album, or EP in reviews I write…but nothing says my listening experience has to start/stop there.  Sometimes you wanna know more about the artist or band you’re listening to…in the best of times, like this one here, you wanna HEAR more as well.

From what I can gather out of what I can find online, Gymmie The Dreamer is fairly new to the Electro circuit – a fact that, were it not for the dates stamped on the various singles I’ve been listening to like the pumped-up energy on “Dangerous,” or the sheer brilliance of the melody being flashed from the lefts to the rights on “Light” – I’d probably have assumed I was listening to a full-on veteran of the scene.  Keep in mind, it’s not like this is my first rodeo here by any stretch…I’ve typed up well over 2000+ reviews on the sleepingbagstudios website…if this sounded like it was put together by a rookie, I’d tell ya as much.  Whether Gymmie has been hiding in the shadows or making the magic happen behind the scenes prior to all the music that’s been put out this year, I couldn’t tell ya for sure – but what I can tell you, is that The Dreamer is one serious audio-expert.  Take a listen to the way a track like “Aviation” is constructed for example, or “Flux-Drive” – you’ll easily hear that GTD has a genuine gift when it comes to composition…dude lays these songs out like great stories are told, pieces at a time, all leading to a stunning conclusion you likely won’t forget any time soon.  No doubt about it – the work is being put in and the results are already making an impact – Gymmie The Dreamer is cranking out the entertainment at an extraordinary pace…there’s already all kinds of singles beyond the ones I’ve mentioned here, and records out there like the Almus EP and Difference EP – ALL of them, from this very year, here in 2019.

Alright…that’s not totally true…there was ONE song that dates back to 2017 called “Mr. Willie’s Sunsine” (no h? ok then! Gymmie’s title, not mine!) – which I suppose we have to assume, is kinda where it all started…but face facts, with the rest being put up online this year, it’s clear that 2019 is the year that Gymmie The Dreamer just decided to TAKE OVER.  All it takes is a little research into what you can find out there online sometimes…sometimes that’ll tell you a whole lot about an artist before you even push play – you can visibly see that GTD is having a completely inspired year.  And let me tell ya dear readers, dear friends…there ain’t much more in my days that I live for other than running into artists that are this engaged, passionate, and skilled.  I’ve spent hours invested in Gymmie The Dreamer’s EDM catalog…and at no point did I ever get bored.  Sure I’ve got my favorites, just like anyone else would, but I truly never heard a cut that was anything less than highly interesting, wildly melodic, and brilliantly assembled.  Like, I listen to a track like “Instance” from the Difference EP and how much versatility, energy, and sonic diversity it offers…how many multiple directions the music moves in, how many ideas are housed under one umbrella…all of these songs seem to speak far beyond Gymmie The Dreamer’s few years of being out there in the scene.  Dude sounds like a seasoned pro if you ask these ears upon my face here.

I suppose this is all a long-winded way of saying PROPS to the work-ethic yo!  Get yourself a sample of what I’m talkin’ about here – have a listen to one of Gymmie The Dreamer’s latest singles and watch the lyric-video for “Animated” below.

While a vast majority of GTD’s tracks feature very little to no vocals at all, “Animated” goes for a much more balanced approach.  With female-led vocals, poetic lyricism, and an absolutely killer beat from Gymmie The Dreamer flexing the finesse of sparkling talent and giant pulsing sounds from every angle, “Animated” crushes through an intense combination of low-key melody and savagely vibrant electro.  Highly interesting from a lyrical standpoint as well…in fact, the written description of “Animated” on the official posting at YouTube drew me in before I’d even listened for the very first time – it reads: “’Animated’ is a love story and no matter how strong a love is, you can still feel alone, fearful and unimportant.”  That tells me quite a bit personally…in a line like that, I think you can infer that there’s a massive understanding of how love works, on an individual level inside of a relationship at times…that’s quite an observant and insightful comment being made by Gymmie The Dreamer, and one that I think a lot of people out there will certainly relate to as well.  Let’s face it…love ain’t exactly always easy.

What I also love about “Animated,” and a whole ton of the music that GTD has out there, is that it’s not over-indulgent, as so much of the EDM genre can tend to be, where artists stretch out a quality three-minute idea into a mediocre eight-minute monstrosity.  There’s a real value in keeping things tight in this style of music…I’m not saying every cut has to be under four-minutes, but I can promise you the net of accessibility will cast itself to a much wider audience when this is the case.  It gives us all a chance to want a whole lot more of what we heard without it being forced upon us in double-digit track lengths.  So I dig that too.  Like I said…something about Gymmie is truly professional here…much more than most…almost like a student of the scene has become the force required to lead the way for the rest.

You’ll get no complaints from me – I think this is a spectacular artist with a serious ear for sound and a very bright future in the EDM/Electro genres.  I mean…if this is what it all sounds like at the very beginning, we all have to take a step back for a second and recognize the fact that most artists/bands really hit their stride about five or ten years into their career…so you can imagine just how incredible the future could potentially be for Gymmie The Dreamer when you look at it all that way.  Definitely the kind of start here that you’ll remember – GTD makes the impact you’re hoping for with an abundant array of blissful electro and a compelling assist on the vocals of “Animated” – and like I mentioned from the get go here, no matter what you select from the catalog of songs released already, you’ll find awesomeness all over the place in some way, shape, or form.  Stoked to hear where the music takes Gymmie The Dreamer in these next years to come and very happy to find myself a seat on this bandwagon for good.

I’ll be talking more about GTD and spinning “Animated” on the next episode of the SBS Podcast, so make sure to tune-in!  Until then, find out more about Gymmie The Dreamer at the official pages below!




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