Greautcine – “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)”

 Greautcine – “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)”

Greautcine – “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” – Audio Post

All the way from Taiwan, Greautcine is making a diverse & intricate brand of EDM sound that infuses a brilliant degree of IDM inspirations that give his latest single “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” a whole series of spectacular & sensational twists that are as intelligent in design as they are entertaining.  With a vibrant, lively, and spirited set of Electro-based vibes, Greautcine – aka Warrehedenge Legte – packs in a lot of wild imagination and professional finesse into one high-quality cut without question – “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” is quite the experience and audible trip from its start to finish.

In a colorful array of adventurous, engaging, and experimental sound – Greautcine instantly stands out for the uniqueness you’ll hear in a track like “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol).”  While there are certainly moments where he’ll flex that danceable gear – the majority of the time you’ll spend with “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” proves this dude is capable of thinking about music on an entirely different level than just creating typical hooks you’ve already heard over and over.  A track like this one here from Greautcine is fueled by endlessly inspired & fresh ideas, and a willingness to dare to roam out to the farthest fringes of what music can be to experience in an effort to see what he might discover – as a direct result of his creative mindset & stunning sound selection, a single like “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” ends up displaying a massive level of innovation and ingenuity to listen to.  It’s no kind of typical tune – and you know that’s exactly what we love to feature on our pages here – Greautcine sparkles & shines with the kind of authentic creativity and sonic uniqueness we celebrate on these pages of ours and champion within the music-scene we share.  “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” is a relentlessly interesting and entirely engaging single that reveals a ton of artistic cleverness and cutting-edge ideas – Greautcine is clearly ready, willing, and able to blaze his own trail with the skills and sound he brings to the international scene – I’d be excited to listen to whatever he comes up with next.

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