God Jani – “Like That” Featuring Tolliewood

 God Jani – “Like That” Featuring Tolliewood

Artist God Jani…aka the creator of what he’s calling ‘underground soul’…aka the man behind an entire upcoming record called Underground Soul too for that matter (which is officially dropping online in less than a week’s time on April 17th btw), has got a stylistically slick sound that you couldn’t miss goin’ on.  With a solid assist from his homeboy Tolliewood, they put in the work on the m-i-c and create seriously addictive late-night vibes that are guaranteed to keep your Sunday night from becoming Monday anytime soon…you can turn this single “Like That” right UP where the volume belongs, keep your weekend goin’ long & strong, and take your party straight to that next-level with this cut.  There’s something to be said for pioneering your own entire genre – you can visually see in the video through middle-fingers held up to the sky that God Jani has the attitude to go with the intensity & skill required to set himself apart from the rest; and it’s more than clear by the sound of “Like That” overall that these two artists are ahead of the game & ready to break exciting new ground in music altogether.  With a wild video full of ill effects and cuts, ladies & late-night action, rhymes & good-times – Tolliewood and God Jani make the most of this collaboration and lock this single down tighter than the quarantine you’re in right now.  Check it out for yourself – push play on “Like That” by God Jani featuring Tolliewood below!

Find out more about God Jani at his official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/GodJaniMusic

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