Gleodream – Feel / Loss

 Gleodream – Feel / Loss

Gleodream – Feel / Loss – EP Review

Here’s what I love about the style of Future Garage music like you’d hear in Burial’s brilliantly textured material or in Gleodream’s stunning new EP…you really gotta have the chops & skills to pull your weight in this genre, because there’s ultimately damn near nowhere to hide.  Whereas a band or artist often has a million layers of tracks or instruments to disguise a potentially lackluster performance in behind the strength of the others, when it comes to the minimalist design of music like what Gleodream is creating…every move has to be right on-point, or guaranteed, it’s something every listener would hear.  Any mistakes, missteps, or even wasted space, immediately becomes apparent in those out there attempting Future Garage-like & Ambient sounds that don’t quite get the subtle nuances of how to really make it work and have the music move you.  Thankfully, the Brighton, UK-based Gleodream is in that extremely rare top 1% that absolutely DOES get it…the Feel / Loss EP not only hits the mark on every level…it goes much further beyond that for as subtle as it may appear; I’d be willing to go as far as to say we might be uncovering one of the most incredible gems of 2019 with this artist AND this record.

Because here’s the thing…anything that could be somewhat described as Ambient even remotely, usually takes a monumental effort to really stand out or excite you…that’s not on any artist or project out there – that’s the nature of the design itself.  Not to be confused with background music however, for those of you unfamiliar with the genres associated & surrounding it like Future Garage…in fact, when it’s done RIGHT like this is, I’d challenge that it’s one of THE most engaging types of experiences you can have in comparison to listening to any style of music out there.  Anyhow.  The REAL point, is that within fifteen seconds of “Don’t Need You” as the Feel / Loss EP started up, I was pretty much already hooked on the quality, clarity, and uniqueness I was hearing…the impact was that quick.  And while I’d normally end up feeling like a sound such as this would appeal much more directly to audiophiles like myself out there – Gleodream flips the script brilliantly, and gets this mother seriously moving in highly accessible ways that are pretty much only achieved by the genuine best-of-the-best in this style of music.  The beat & percussive elements are perfection…the breakdowns are incredible and the bring-backs even better – the quality & clarity of sound you’ll hear and how it takes the texture of the audio to a fully sensory-level, is straight up undeniable to the ears and relentless in its consistency.  Each ingredient serves a purpose…from the beautiful piano that shows up at times, to the smart use of vocal-samples threaded into the vibe, Gleodream pulls off the extraordinary here by making the subtle & chill spring to life like this.  In virtually no time at all, “Don’t Need You” takes you on a ride from the serene into remarkably restrained & controlled intensity…you won’t find a single solitary misstep or wasted moment – and ultimately, the standards you’ll find set with this first song carry on throughout the length of the full EP.

So on that note…not only a shout-out to Gleodream for the compelling audio-awesomeness we’re hearing from the lefts to the rights, but a huge shout-out to Francis Gorini at the London Mastering Studio for shining this all up to the immaculately spectacular standard that we hear all over Feel / Loss.

C’mon y’all…listen to “Thinking About You” and recognize the art in the craft will ya?  These are songs that you absolutely want to stay locked onto…like I can’t even begin to describe the incredible repeat-value of the Feel / Loss EP – everything about what Gleodream is creating on this record not only holds up now, it’s doubtfully ever going to lose its shine over time.  Why would anyone want to stop playing this record?  If there’s a reason somewhere here, my ears certainly can’t find it anywhere.  Listen to the space in between layers…like how the opening of “Thinking About You” starts…and then LISTEN to the way it contracts, tightens up, and somehow EXPANDS even further as result of making moves like that.  These are the hallmark transitions, skills, ideas, and talents of an artist that was born to shift sounds around for our entertainment; everything moves at a stunning pace that allows our ears to absorb every second, our minds to appreciate the complexity in the subtleness, & the melody to directly hit the heart.  For fans of great D&B, you’ll also find a ton to love in the Future Garage perspective that Gleodream puts into the sound, heightening the experience all around through the beauty, intensity, and emotion you’ll discover in this ambitious and insightful dose of crossover style.  Definitely single-worthy potential on display here…but as you’ll soon read & find out for yourself, every song on this record appeals to me; but also FOR the record, let me just say that it’s not just myself that these tracks appeal to – it’s all of us.  For real dear readers, dear friends…I can’t imagine anyone out there turning off what Gleodream has created on this EP…I can’t imagine anyone out there doing anything less than turning this all straight UP.

I also think that when you can find true sincerity within the digital realms of music, you never wanna let it go…and you’ll hear a mountain of it through the moving, slow-burning & gripping emotional-pull towards the title-track “Feel.Loss.”  Once again displaying an absolute mastery of the art of sound, Gleodream makes EVERY…SINGLE…MOMENT…count for something…quite honestly, it’s astounding.  I’m in this chair day-in & day-out listening to music, as many of you out there know…this ain’t my first rodeo; believe me when I tell ya, what Gleodream has going on with the whole Feel / Loss EP is pure sonic perfection…and it’s my true hope that a subtle sound like this gets the recognition it deserves.  Chances are…it is…or at the very least, the buzz is growing strong behind this digital wizard already – the Feel / Loss EP is Gleodream’s first official release on the Dark Heart Recordings label – so if you need some proof of someone else other than me being into what this project is all about, there you have it.  The suits’n’ties are already knocking on Gleodream’s door to pack him into the limousine and take him to that next-level he deserves, and rightly so for the effort, focus, & attention to detail being put in here.  The infusion of incredible low-end swells and bright atmospheric elements overtop on this title-track are as exquisite to the ear as sound can truly get…and once again, the remarkable use of vocal-samples gives just the right amount of tangible emotion to a whole other dimension of the song, but is smartly used every bit like an instrument or another sound at Gleodream’s disposal to make this melody move.  For as chilled-out as these vibes are, the placement & precision is impeccable…like I told ya from the get-go, there’s nowhere to hide within music like this…and this is one artist that has no need whatsoever to bury a single second’s worth of this sonic gold he’s creating…it’s all crystal clear, stunning, and seriously amazing to experience…that’s the facts, full-stop.  I hear the perfection in a cut like “Feel.Loss” and it makes all the sense in the world to me that an artist like Gleodream has already been picked-up by a label and making a huge impression on tons of ears throughout the music-scene – there’s not a single thing I’d even remotely suggest changing about anything I’ve heard upon this entire record.  I love it all…I wouldn’t even hesitate to say that to any of ya out there…I’ll admit, this title-track might just have the tiniest of edges over the rest to become my favorite with its slightly more pronounced and emotionally-weighted melody at its core…but truly, anyone out there would be splitting the thinnest of hairs in arguing on behalf of one track more than the others – Feel / Loss is flawless from start to finish.

Another creation that reveals Gleodream’s incredible & insightful grip on the sound, scope, and dynamics of this project, is actually right at the end, where he’ll put a different spin on the opening track through the “Don’t Need You Halftime Edit.”  I’m sure I’m on the record throughout these pages dozens of times railing against featuring a song more than once on any album or EP, as the general standards for changes between versions is an extremely low bar…as in, there’s not usually enough of a difference to warrant two appearances on one recording.  Generally speaking, that hurts the repeat-value of not just the song itself, but the record at-large if you’re not being careful…burning us out on one idea and then having it appear in the rotation twice as much can definitely threaten the longevity of an album.  Once again, thankfully, that’s not even close to the case here – Gleodream makes the “Don’t Need You Halftime Edit” play like its own separate experience.  Obviously it still bears resemblance to the opening version of “Don’t Need You” – but let’s be real here, in terms of cohesive sound, EVERY song on this record has brilliantly explored sounds & styles that rest comfortably right on the fringe of our acceptance…everything fits right where it belongs and this final experience is no exception to the rule.  It COULD also be the sheer strength of the material too, I ain’t gonna lie to ya – Gleodream might BE that rare artist that could get away with a song appearing twice with virtually no changes and I probably still wouldn’t complain…but again, I think you’ll absolutely hear the way the “Don’t Need You Halftime Edit” changes the whole sound, vibe, and experience to make it noticeably different than the opening tune.

I feel like…well…I honestly feel like I’ve been happily enveloped by sound and lost in this EP for days & days on end…and I truly can’t wait for you to join me.  The official release of Gleodream’s Feel / Loss EP is right around the corner…this record comes out on August 16th and I highly recommend you clear some space on your calendar & in your mind to make sure you’ve got the room & time you need to absorb this experience in-full.  Massively impressed with every single moment & song I’ve heard on the Feel / Loss EP and how impeccably tight every aspect is – Gleodream is master of music and an artist with a gift for sound design…this extraordinary record he’s put out here is a real highlight of 2019 without question.

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