Galba – “Once Last Night”

 Galba – “Once Last Night”

Galba – “Once Last Night” – Music Video Post

While there’s no doubt that there’s a bunch of you out there probably livin’ some pretty wild lives…I can promise that this will be the strangest audible love letter to Margot Robbie that you’ll experience today.

The amount of effort put into this new single & video from Galba is straight-up second to none – and every hand involved in this from sight to sound deserves tremendous credit for the results you’ll see.  In a realm where real-life meets fiction, “Once Last Night” will take you through a series of cinematic references onscreen…most of which I’ve caught, but chances are you might even spot some more.  You’ll see characters from Star Wars pop up, and an interesting hybrid scene where Thor’s mighty hammer will end up in the hands of Darth Vader…these are the things I can confirm for a certainty.  I’m reasonably convinced that there’s an outfit being worn, and certainly a landscape that represents a similar vibe to Mad Max…I’ve just never seen that movie personally, but I think that’s what we’re seeing, ain’t it?  As for the outfit in red with the baseball cap that’s got an A on the front of it…heck…I’ve got nothing there…the closest guess I’ve got is Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks?  Archie?  Angus Young, but with pants for once?  I know what you’re thinking…even IF one of those options was the right guess, how on earth did all of these characters end up in a song that’s pretty much entirely based on winning over the heart of Margot Robbie?

Well dear readers, dear friends, that’s what pushing play and your eyes & ears are for – click on “Once Last Night” to find out!

Filmed with permissions from the Anangu people, “Once Last Night” was shot in locations that will take viewers right into the spectacular beauty of the Uluru & Kata Tjuta National Park…truly breathtaking scenery as far as the eyes can see.  Combined with Galba’s Pop/Rock hooks, stellar & smooth vocals, Pete Yorn-esque style of sound & songwriting, and the admittedly zany idea that fuels the heart of this new single…there’s just about every reason you can think of from sight to sound to turn this up, and have yourself some fun in the process.  You KNOW you wanna find out who ends up with Margot Robbie by the end of this tale…and if you watch the video, I can promise ya that you WILL – and incidentally, not that my opinion really matters too much on this part of it, but from my perspective, she makes the right choice for her eventual suitor, and clearly went with the hottest of her options.  This ain’t no typical video experience y’all – Galba’s practically put together a mini-movie here for ya, and the music makes for the perfect soundtrack to go along with it.  For as crazy as it all may seem, you’ll be stunned at just how much thought, dedication, effort, and attention to detail has been put into creating both this song & video – Galba’s got a great single from all angles here, and a vehicle to get Margot Robbie’s attention.

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