G-Nykko – “I Remember Back When”

 G-Nykko – “I Remember Back When”

With his smooth vocal sound & flow and the dance-moves to match the vibe – singer/songwriter G-Nykko takes you on a journey through a tale of love that we can relate to.  Diving deep into the feelings, emotions, & thoughts that swirl through a relationship – he displays a professional maturity in his approach to his performance, to his writing, and ultimately, to the perspective he puts forth in this song.  Because many relationships can blossom – but many of them can reach an end one day as well – the important thing is to remember the time we share between us and celebrate the fact we got to enjoy it together, you feel me?  “I Remember Back When” has a remarkably inviting sound that welcomes the flood of memories you’ll see in your mind as you listen to this tune – check it out for yourself below!

Find out more about G-Nykko at his official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/G-Nykko-Wilson-2059312041006679/

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