Freder Seric – “Ocean”

 Freder Seric – “Ocean”

People out there sure seem to be connecting to the chilled-out, motivational, and soul-soothing vibes from artist Freder Seric.  Don’t just take my word for it – you can see it for yourself in the thousands-upon-thousands of hits & views he’s already racked up for his latest single “Ocean” and the lyric video supporting it.  Or, you could have a look & a listen to tons of other videos from his channel which will confirm & show ya that listeners around the globe have been catching on to what Seric’s been layin’ down for quite some time now.  Between his tutorial/vlog style videos, a lyric-video series, karaoke vids & more – Freder has been working hard to bring entertainment & music straight to the people where it belongs – and while “Ocean” is sure to accomplish that once again, don’t be surprised if you see another video & song from Freder pop up online real soon.  That’s the thing about being inspired as an artist…it makes you feel like you wanna pass that feeling on to the rest of the world…salute to Freder Seric for taking his single across the “Ocean” and spreading a lil’ bit of positivity & love early on in 2020.

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